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7 hours, 51 minutes

Functional-Light JavaScript, v2

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Improve your code with functional patterns like pure functions, compose & map/reduce/filter...plus advanced concepts like fusion, transducing and monads!
10 hours, 24 minutes

Deep JavaScript Foundations

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Master JavaScript deeply learning scope and closure, use functions, the prototype system, closure, types, coercion and new ES6 features in JavaScript!
3 hours, 41 minutes

Code Transformation and Linting with ASTs

Kent C Dodds PayPal
Learn to use Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs) to make stylistic code changes, reveal logical problems, and prevent bugs from entering your codebase.
15 hours, 10 minutes

Complete Intro to React, v3 (feat. Redux, Router & Flow)

Brian Holt LinkedIn
Much more than an intro, you’ll not just learn React, but also a proven set of tools including Router v4 for paging, Jest for testing, Redux and Flow!
5 hours, 22 minutes

Testing JavaScript Applications (feat. React and Redux)

Kent C Dodds PayPal
Bulletproof your JavaScript and Node environments. Learn how you can test React, Redux, and Node express applications!
4 hours, 7 minutes

Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mike North LinkedIn
Learn to get search engines to represent your site in the best way possible! And learn Facebook and Twitter's advanced sharing features.
6 hours, 38 minutes

Sass Fundamentals

Mike North LinkedIn
Leverage the Sass preprocessing to empower your CSS practices and master styling complex applications while keeping the styles readable and maintainable.
4 hours, 39 minutes

Debugging and Fixing Common JavaScript Errors

Todd Gardner Track.js
Learn what causes common JavaScript bugs and use the latest developer tools to isolate and fix the source of the problems!
4 hours, 27 minutes

Introduction to Data Visualization with d3.js v4

Shirley Wu Data Sketches
Take advantage of the latest in data visualization by learning the core concepts of d3.js and experiencing the power to represent data in new ways!
2 hours, 53 minutes

Code Robust APIs with the Hapi.js Server Framework for Node.js

Ryan Chenkie Auth0
Learn to build APIs with Hapi.js from the ground up. Go from a basic API to how to use advanced Hapi.js features including it's plugins and ecosystem.
5 hours, 40 minutes

Firebase + React: Real-time, Serverless Web Apps

Steve Kinney Turing School
Learn to use Firebase to deploy sophisticated web and mobile applications without having to build your own complex, server-side infrastructure.
16 hours, 5 minutes

Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript

Bianca Gandolfo Telegraph Academy
Learn the most common data structures and algorithms in Computer Science in-depth taught with JavaScript.
8 hours, 47 minutes

Advanced Ember 2.x

Mike North LinkedIn
Mike demonstrates recent Ember 2.x framework advancements to show you to debug, customize, test and deploy applications with confidence.
4 hours, 5 minutes

Full Stack for Front End Engineers

Jem Young Netflix
Learn the skills that front-end engineers need to seamlessly work and switch between the front-end, command line, and server.
4 hours, 48 minutes

Build Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron

Steve Kinney Turing School
Build cross-platform desktop apps in JavaScript with Electron. Take your web development skills beyond the browser into building Mac and PC desktop apps!
3 hours, 23 minutes

Secure Authentication for Web Apps & APIs Using JWTs

Ryan Chenkie Auth0
Learn to setup authentication in your single page app. Learn the anatomy of a JSON Web Token, how to use JWT to protect resources, & manage auth in a SPA.
4 hours, 18 minutes

Reactive Angular 2

Lukas Ruebbelke Author of AngularJS in Action
Learn how to build functional, reactive web applications in Angular 2 with a Redux inspired library, @ngrx/store and observables from Rx.js.
10 hours, 19 minutes

Building Awesome Web Apps with Angular 2

Lukas Ruebbelke Author of AngularJS in Action
Explore the Angular 2 JavaScript framework from the ground up using Components, Services and the CLI to write awesome web applications!
11 hours, 55 minutes

Complete Intro to React v2 (feat. Router v4 and Redux)

Brian Holt LinkedIn
More than an intro, build an entire real-world web application in layers using React and library ecosystem like Router v4, Redux and Jest.
4 hours, 5 minutes

Website Accessibility

Jon Kuperman Brave
Audit and fix accessibility issues on any website! Learn keyboard accessibly, focus control & use ARIA roles to make sites accessible with screen readers.
9 hours, 57 minutes


Richard Feldman Elm in Action
Write bullet-proof, easily maintainable web applications with Elm, the functional programming language that is transforming web application development!
5 hours, 19 minutes

ES6: The Right Parts

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Learn new ES6 JavaScript language like arrow function, destructuring, generators & more to write cleaner, more productive, and more readable programs.
6 hours, 31 minutes

Zero to Production Node.js on Amazon Web Services

Kevin Whinnery Twilio Node Module
Equip yourself with the knowledge to build, test, deploy, and scale Node.js web applications in production on Amazon Web Services.
5 hours, 30 minutes

Creating an Open Source JavaScript Library on Github

Kent C Dodds PayPal
Publish and distribute your JS library to npm, add testing/code coverage, manage community and more in this course on publishing an open source library.
5 hours, 30 minutes

Webpack 2 Deep Dive

Kent C Dodds PayPal
Building and deploying complex front-end applications can get complicated. Webpack simplifies this with tons of features catering to all JavaScript apps.
8 hours, 8 minutes

React Native (feat. Redux)

Scott Moss Udacity and Ex-Hack Reactor
Use React Native to build native mobile apps in iOS and Android with JavaScript! Effectively build cross-platform mobile apps.
4 hours, 15 minutes

Mastering Chrome Developer Tools

Jon Kuperman Brave
Learn to use ALL the built-in Chrome developer tools to debug and optimize websites and web applications!
4 hours, 1 minute

Motion Design with CSS

Rachel Nabors Award Winning Cartoonist
Animation is crucial to developing interactive designs and interfaces, and CSS is one of the most performant ways to animate!
11 hours, 23 minutes

Complete Introduction to React (feat. Redux and React Router)

Brian Holt LinkedIn
Brian Holt (Netflix) introduces you to React plus surrounding ecosystem including: Redux for state management, React Router for navigation and more!
4 hours, 51 minutes

Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours

Brian Holt LinkedIn
We're going to tackle some big topics in just five hours: Algorithms and Big O Analysis, Recursion, Sorting, Data Structures and Functional Programming.
10 hours, 52 minutes

The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web

Douglas Crockford Javascript the Good Parts
Learn the history of JavaScript and details of the language with special attention on functions. Plus how browsers work, how servers work and security.
4 hours, 38 minutes

Reactive Angular 2 with ngrx

Lukas Ruebbelke Author of AngularJS in Action
Learn how to build functional, reactive web applications in Angular 2 with a Redux inspired library, @ngrx/store and observables from Rx.js.
9 hours, 54 minutes

Build Web Apps with Angular 2

Lukas Ruebbelke Author of AngularJS in Action
Angular 2 is an incredibly powerful evolution of AngularJS. We are going discover why Angular 2 is half the framework with twice the power!
6 hours, 22 minutes

Rethinking Asynchronous JavaScript

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Effective asynchronous JavaScript means knowing various different patterns and weaving them together to write readable and understandable code. 
3 hours, 10 minutes

Functional-Lite JavaScript

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Practical take on functional JavaScript so you can use techniques like pure functions, map/reduce/filter and recursion to improve your programming today!
2 hours, 53 minutes

Advanced SVG Animation

Sarah Drasner Trulia
Make resolution-independent, scalable, complex animations for a myriad of use cases across the web with SVG
8 hours, 44 minutes

Ember 2.x

Mike North LinkedIn
Become a master in Ember.js and be well-suited to build complex and highly interactive apps with this course.
10 hours, 18 minutes

API Design in Node.js (using Express & Mongo)

Scott Moss Udacity and Ex-Hack Reactor
Learn to build a fully functional API with Node.js and have the skills to build your own APIs using the Express.js framework.
6 hours, 9 minutes

Component-Based Architecture in AngularJS 1.x and ES6

Scott Moss Udacity and Ex-Hack Reactor
Master building web apps in Angular 1.x and ES6. This is the best angular training. After doing our course you will be able to build 1.x apps and transition to 2.
8 hours, 37 minutes

Building Web Apps (with React, Ampersand, ES6 and Webpack)

Henrik Joreteg Ampersand.js
Everything you need to build and deploy a maintainable single page app. Build an app from scratch using React, Ampersand, ES6 (ES2015), and Webpack.
10 hours, 3 minutes


Chris Mather EventedMind
Built by a team of MIT engineers, Meteor is a full stack open source framework for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.
4 hours, 46 minutes

Unit Testing JavaScript (with CoffeeScript)

Justin Searls Unit Testing
Learn to write testable code, testing types and strategies that will increase your ability to test JavaScript on the client and server (Node.js).
9 hours, 36 minutes

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (with Rx.js Observables)

Jafar Husain Netflix
Learning how to build and manage asynchronous programs is perhaps the most important part of becoming an effective JavaScript programmer.
5 hours, 11 minutes

Organizing JavaScript Functionality

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Before you use a framework, learn how to organize the different bits of JavaScript (modularizing, decoupling, etc) with this advanced JavaScript course.
3 hours, 20 minutes

Coercion in JavaScript

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Most developers cite coercion and the == operator as black magic. By learning coercion you'll learn important clarifications in style and readability of JS.
2 hours, 46 minutes

Introduction to JavaScript Programming

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Master JavaScript with our online training and learn one of the easiest languages to get started with and one of the most powerful.
4 hours, 52 minutes

UI Prototyping with Framer.js

Jay Stakelon Frameless
Use Framer Studio to design and build responsive interactions, explore advanced animation techniques, and build data-driven UI prototypes together.
4 hours, 18 minutes

AngularJS 1.x Application Development

Lukas Ruebbelke Author of AngularJS in Action
Learn everything from naming conventions to organizing your app into services, directives and routing with examples and challenges to anchor the concepts.
4 hours, 36 minutes

React.js (with Introduction to Flux Architecture)

Ryan Florence React Router
Learn from experts how to use React and become a master at creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram.
4 hours, 50 minutes

Responsive HTML Email Design

Justine Jordan Litmus
Learn the importance of HTML email and prove that building beautiful, responsive email campaigns isn’t as scary as you thought.
9 hours, 4 minutes

Advanced JS Fundamentals to jQuery & Pure DOM Scripting

Justin Meyer Bitovi, CanJS
Gain an advanced JavaScript techniques and an understanding of difficult JavaScript concepts like closure, type comparators, coercion and delete.
5 hours, 50 minutes

Scalable Modular Architecture for CSS (SMACSS)

Jonathan Snook CSS Master
Make your CSS more maintainable and modular using Jonathan Snook's Scalable Modular Architecture for CSS (SMACSS) methodology.
7 hours, 13 minutes

JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS

Bianca Gandolfo Telegraph Academy
Solidify your knowledge of functional JavaScript programming, including objects, arrays, and prototypes.
5 hours, 29 minutes

JS.Next: ES6 / ES2015

Aaron Frost Domo
Learn the latest standard of advanced JavaScript concepts, ES6 and it's new features like destructuring, let, spread, arrow functions and modules.
5 hours, 59 minutes

Responsive Typography

Jason Pamental h & w design
This course explores the world of web fonts and responsive type, what web fonts are, how they work and why you should be using them.
11 hours, 8 minutes

Introduction to Web Development

Nina Zakharenko Venmo
With our web design courses, go from no prior coding knowledge to crafting your own websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js.
5 hours, 32 minutes

Choosing a JavaScript Framework

Brian Holt LinkedIn
In this advanced JavaScript training, Brian Holt (Reddit) gives a treatise on each of the four frameworks to help you decide which one is best for you.
6 hours

Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript

Brian Lonsdorf SFJS Co-Organizer
Discover functional programming and build an example web app using abstract interfaces like Monads, Functors, Monoids and Applicatives.
5 hours, 28 minutes

Real-Time Web with Node.js

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Learn the HTML5 APIs for real-time such as canvas/video, sockets, getUserMedia, and WebRTC and talk to them through asynchronous code in Node.js.
6 hours, 54 minutes

Advanced JavaScript

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Learn from Kyle Simpson, the author of "You Don't Know JavaScript" series on the inner workings of JavaScript in detail and more!
5 hours, 14 minutes

HTML5 Media: Audio, Video & WebRTC

Mark Boas Creator of jPlayer
Learn HTML5 APIs to deliver rich media including: camera support with getUserMedia, WebRTC for realtime, video effects with canvas, and Web Audio API.
5 hours, 49 minutes

Front-End Tooling and Workflows with Grunt and Beyond

David Mosher Tooling Master
Create a custom build process for your SPAs with Grunt.js using CSS preprocessors, live reload, concat / minifying resources and CoffeeScript all together.
5 hours, 31 minutes

Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js

Ian Johnson Bay Area D3 and Tributary
The organizer of the largest d3.js meetup in the world (Bay Area d3.js), Ian Johnson, introduces and dives deep into the d3.js API in this video course.
5 hours, 22 minutes

Angular 1.x Essentials

Lukas Ruebbelke Author of AngularJS in Action
"AngularJS In Action" Author Lukas Ruebbelke dives into AngularJS scope, two-way data binding and directives with real-world examples.
5 hours, 21 minutes

Backbone.js (with Introduction to Testing)

Sam Breed Backbone Core Team
Core Contributor Sam Breed teaches you Backbone JS's lightweight approach to building client-side MVC applications and unit testing in Mocha and Sinon.JS.
6 hours, 15 minutes

CSS3 In-Depth

Estelle Weyl HTML5 & CSS3 in the Real World
Learn how deep the CSS3 rabbit hole goes from transitions and animations to generated content in this jam-packed video training course.
3 hours, 52 minutes

Web UI Architecture

Garann Means Engineer at Etsy
Garann covers considerations building JavaScript architecture for your web applications before tools and frameworks like Backbone.JS, AngularJS and Ember.
5 hours, 22 minutes

Lean Front-End Engineering

Bill Scott Sr. Director of UX at PayPal
Bill Scott, Sr. Director at PayPal, teaches making great UX experiences by applying lean startup principles to UI engineering.
4 hours, 30 minutes

Responsive Web Design

Ben Callahan Design Responsively
Ben Callahan leads you through this responsive web design tutorial step by step, using RWD patterns and coding with media queries and responsive CSS.
5 hours, 1 minute

Website Performance

Kyle Simpson You Don't Know JS
Learn from Kyle as he dives deep into everything related to website performance optimization, including resource loading, thread, animations, JSON, and more!
4 hours, 50 minutes

JavaScript the Good Parts

Douglas Crockford Javascript the Good Parts
Take Crockford's mind-expanding JavaScript function challenges in this course on "JavaScript the Good Parts".
3 hours, 13 minutes

The Psychology of Code Testability

Misko Hevery AngularJS Creator
Misko, the creator of AngularJS (by Google), gives us an overview of how to write testable code and what makes code hard to test.
2 hours, 36 minutes

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

Christopher Schmitt HTML5 Cookbook
Christopher Schmitt, author of HTML5 Cookbook, covers HTML5 features such as audio, video and geolocation and then dives into many of CSS3′s features.
3 hours, 26 minutes

jQuery Plugins and jQuery UI

Scott Gonzalez jQuery UI Lead
Scott Gonzalez, lead developer for jQuery UI, dives into writing jQuery plugins, making plugins stateful and gives an in-depth look at jQuery UI.
3 hours, 30 minutes

Learning jQuery

Karl Swedberg Learning jQuery
Karl Swedberg leverages his experience on the jQuery Team to give a thorough walkthrough of the most important parts of jQuery.
3 hours, 35 minutes

Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery

Karl Swedberg Learning jQuery
Karl Swedberg, author of Learning jQuery, teaches the JavaScript language; including closures, anonymous functions, and implicit versus explicit iteration.

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