Nina Zakharenko

Nina Zakharenko


Nina Zakharenko is a software engineer with over a decade of experience. She currently focuses on Python at Microsoft on the Cloud Developer Advocacy team. In the past, she’s written software for satellite control computers at HBO, code that’s helped people connect over their passions at Meetup, and implemented time-wasting features on Reddit. Nina loves teaching developers and has spoken at conferences like PyCon Russia, EuroPython, and DjangoCon in the US and internationally. In her spare time, she enjoys snowboarding and hiking, drinking scotch, and tinkering with hardware, LEDs, and wearable electronics from her home base in Portland, OR.

Nina Zakharenko's Courses

  • Practical Guide to Python

    Learn why you might want to use Python and all the foundational basics: data types, numbers, strings, lists, sets, tuples, and dictionaries. You're going to learn how to structure your programs with functions, loops, logic, and objects and end the course using the Django framework.
    4 hours, 58 minutes CC
    Practical Guide to Python
  • Intermediate Python

    Utilize comprehensions to manipulate large quantities of data, Python's OO system, how to approach error handling, external libraries and modules, and how to utilize a web framework in your application.
    4 hours, 37 minutes CC
    Intermediate Python
  • Python Fundamentals

    Create and run simple Python programs, including working with the available data types, writing functions and classes, and much more.
    4 hours, 40 minutes CC
    Python Fundamentals
  • Git In-depth

    A deep dive into git, this course is for developers who use it every day and want to learn inner workings and use advanced techniques in git.
    3 hours, 27 minutes CC
    Git In-depth