Learning Paths

Guided paths to expand your abilities as a well-rounded engineer!


Your Path to Becoming a Career-Ready Web Developer!
Total time: 39 hours, 30 minutes


Your Path to Becoming a Senior Web Developer!
Total time: 56 hours, 28 minutes


Your Path to Becoming a Lead / Staff Developer!
Total time: 55 hours, 23 minutes

Computer Science

Learn Data Structures & Algorithms with JavaScript
Total time: 27 hours, 34 minutes

Fullstack to Backend

Expand Your Abilities to the Server and Master the Fullstack
Total time: 59 hours, 25 minutes

Design to Code

Make Your Designs Come to Life Through Code!
Total time: 40 hours, 10 minutes

Topic Paths

Focus on a specific area in web development.


Write Professional, Modern JavaScript
Total time: 65 hours, 43 minutes


Learn CSS, from Laying Out Websites to Performant Animations
Total time: 37 hours, 30 minutes


Build Web APIs and Applications with Node.js
Total time: 28 hours, 47 minutes


Be Productive with React.js, Today's Most Popular Framework
Total time: 33 hours, 52 minutes


Build Rich Applications with the Powerful & Easy-to-Pickup Vue.js Framework
Total time: 14 hours, 45 minutes


Create TypeScript-based Web Applications with a Framework Led by Google
Total time: 16 hours, 45 minutes


Add Types to Your Web and Node.js Apps with TypeScript
Total time: 19 hours, 25 minutes

Functional JavaScript

Power Up Your JavaScript with Functional Programming
Total time: 22 hours, 34 minutes


Create Applications with a Popular Language for Data Science and More
Total time: 9 hours, 36 minutes

Build Tools & Code Quality

Manage Codebases with Popular and Flexible Build & Testing Tools
Total time: 20 hours, 56 minutes

Browser APIs

Leverage Native Browser APIs Using JavaScript
Total time: 34 hours, 32 minutes

Data Visualization with D3.js

Create Interactive Data Visualizations with D3.js
Total time: 13 hours, 50 minutes

What They're Saying About The Learning Paths

When I began my web development journey, I just learned basic concepts and moved into learning frameworks like React and Next. Closures, Hoisting, and promises did not quite click for me then. But as I delved deeper and deeper into React, I wanted to understand every bit and piece of JS. Frontend Masters made this journey smoother. Over the past year, I completed several of their JS workshops, and now I can confidently say I know Javascript.

Completed Javascript courses:
1. Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3
2. JavaScript: The Hard Parts, v2
3. Vanilla JS: You Might Not Need a Framework
4. The Hard Parts of Asynchronous JavaScript.
5. JavaScript Performance

The most recent workshop I completed was "The Hard Parts of Asynchronous JavaScript." The workshop started with Execution context and event loop and ended with implementing Async/Await from scratch. It was the most profound Aha moment of my Javascript journey thus far!
Mahdi Murshed

Mahdi Murshed

Software Engineer

Completing the Computer Science Learning Path from Frontend Masters help me land a high paying job.
Saurabh Ramesh Kacholiya

Saurabh Ramesh Kacholiya


Time to time I recommend Frontend Masters, but the Professional Learning Path was especially great one.
I tried dozens of resources over the years and chose this one to have a yearly subscription.
56 hours of great instructors and brilliant content.
Nikoloz Chkhaidze

Nikoloz Chkhaidze

Software Engineer

Just finished another section of the "Design to Code" path I'm taking on Frontend Masters 🥳 Topics talked about were layout, color theory, typography, images and performance. Great refresher that I didn't know I needed



I'm taking courses on the Frontend Masters Beginner learning path, and Brian Holt is great. His course website is informative and interactive.
Zhenis Pir

Zhenis Pir


I'm thrilled to announce that I've successfully completed the comprehensive Professional Learning Path by Frontend Masters! 🚀

If you're a Front-end developer, you must look into this fantastic path. It's a true masterpiece!

I've had an extensive amount of enjoyment learning from Will Sentance, Kyle Simpson, Maximiliano Firtman, Jen Kramer, Jem Young, Mike North, Anjana Vakil, and Brian Holt; Their enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge made the entire process both fun and highly informative.

You will dive into the intricacies of how things work behind the scenes, unravel the magic (spoiler: it's not really magic) and gain a clearer comprehension of often misinterpreted concepts, among a plethora of other insights.

What an incredible path, Learned a lot!
Super recommended.
Ali Mohammad

Ali Mohammad

🇵🇸 Senior Software Engineer | React | Angular | Typescript | Node

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