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Dave Rupert on

Capo.js: A five minute web performance boost

You want a quick web performance win at work that’s sure to get you a promotion? Want it to only take five minutes? Then I got you. Capo.js is a tool to get your <head> in order. It’s based on some research by Harry Roberts that shows how something seemingly insignificant as the elements in […]

Chris Coyier on

Syntax Highlighting with no spans?!

When I think of showing off syntax highlighted code on the web, I think of code that takes in a string of code, finds relevant substrings (tokens) with elaborate RegExes, then wraps them in <span>s with classes to that color can be applied to those classes. This is quite literally how it works. The really […]

Marc Grabanski on

Sending My Respect to Next.js (and Vercel)

Today, I did some maintenance work on a Next.js course website (we have tons of them built on Next.js), and I thought to myself: “Wow, this framework has been around for a long time and continues to evolve. It is certainly not a one-hit-wonder.” For context, I’m generally more of a purist, opting to use […]