The Summer/Fall 2016 Roadmap

Many of you have asked us what our roadmap is for the coming months, so here it is: New Web and iOS Players Coming! We are releasing a new beta player soon to address reports of high CPU and streaming issues with our video host’s current player. This new player has been built from the […]

Poll: It’s 2016, Time to Vote on New Course Topics!

It’s 2016! — Time to vote on topics most important to you. This year we already have the following topics recorded in the queue: Ember 2.x by Mike North Advanced SVG Animation by Sarah Drasner Functional Lite by Kyle Simpson Asynchronous Programming Patterns by Kyle Simpson The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web by Douglas Crockford And […]

10 Top Courses in 2015

2015 has been absolutely brilliant for JavaScript. In many ways it feels like the year it grew up and people took JavaScript seriously. NPM is now the largest package manager in the world and (most) these packages work on client (web) and server (Node.js). ​​ When even Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress (which powers […]

Frontend Masters 2015 Recap

In just two years, developers have spent 103,493,718 minutes…1,724,895 hours…or a whopping ~197 years of watching Frontend Masters videos! To date, we’ve hosted 38 teachers doing over 63 days of workshops. Here’s what the in-person room looks like: ​​ In 2015 alone, we hosted over 30 days of workshops! We released these courses this year […]

Customer Testimonial: Momoko Price

Momoko reached out to us and gave us this wonderful story about what it’s been like for her finding Frontend Masters. FYI Momoko wasn’t paid in any way to do this testimonial. She just thought it would help people find out if Frontend Masters is right for them. Last month I found out about Frontend […]

Poll: It’s 2015, Time to Vote for New Course Topics!

It’s time to vote on suggested topics! In last year’s vote, the top two topics you asked for most was Node.js and more native JavaScript topics. This year in 2015 we already have the following topics lined up: SMACSS by Jonathan Snook JavaScript, jQuery and Pure DOM Scripting by Justin Meyer Responsive HTML Email Design by Justine Jordan React.js by Ryan Florence UI […]

Poll: 2014 Vote on Future Features

We have lots of features and services planned, but we’d like you to vote on your favorites! Here’s a list of the things we’re either thinking of, have started working on, or have been requested by our members: All of these things we hope to do at some point, but there’s so much to do […]

Fireside Chat #2 – Lukas Ruebbelke and Matias Niemelä

We discuss all things AngularJS. Unit testing, dependency management, animations and more in this fireside chat! In the chat: Lukas Ruebbelke (AngularJS In Action) Matias Niemelä (AngularJS Core Developer) Moderated by Andrew Luetgers (AngularJS User and Teacher) Moderated by Marc Grabanski (Frontend Masters) Here’s the direct link to the Angular Fireside chat on YouTube. Thanks everyone […]