Enterprise Design Systems Management

Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan

4 hours, 5 minutes CC
Enterprise Design Systems Management

Course Description

This course is for technical and design leadership looking for strategies for leading, creating, and maturing your organization's design system beyond the technical perspective. This course is a comprehensive exploration of design systems, from anatomy and maturity models to adopting stakeholders, balancing consistency with flexibility, and the influence of organizational culture.

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Course Details

Published: May 25, 2023

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 6 minutes
  • Introduction
    Ben Callahan introduces the course by providing some professional background and an overview of the course material. Student introductions, including one recent challenge and success, are also provided. - LINK TO SLIDES


Section Duration: 42 minutes
  • The Need for Design Systems
    Ben discusses two key takeaways from previous consulting engagements. The intersection between scale and longevity when deciding if there is a need to create a design system is also covered in this segment.
  • The Anatomy of a Design System
    Ben discusses the layers that comprise a design system, including foundations, tokens, core systems, and components. An organization's brand, codified design decisions, building block systems, and reusable parts of a digital interface are all parts of a design system.
  • Assets, Processes, & Documentation
    Ben further breaks down the layers of a design system into three parts: assets, processes, and documentation. Examples of assets, processes, and documentation for each layer are also provided in this segment.
  • Consistency & Efficiency
    Ben discusses an overview of how the key takeaways mentioned previously connect with the model of a design system. Two main benefits of design systems consistency and efficiency are also discussed in this segment.
  • Anatomy Q&A
    Ben answers student questions regarding how to continue building a design system with an incomplete foundation and what mistakes to avoid when in enterprise team building and a new design system. Student questions regarding handling teams that don't prioritize homegrown design systems and differences in approaches between a B to B app and a B to C app are also covered in this segment.

Maturity Model

Section Duration: 1 hour

Growing & Improving the System

Section Duration: 52 minutes

Design System Culture

Section Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes

Wrapping Up

Section Duration: 9 minutes

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