VIM Fundamentals



4 hours, 14 minutes CC
VIM Fundamentals

Course Description

Fly through code faster than you thought possible using VIM! You’ll learn the basics of editing and even know how to exit VIM. Go deeper with navigation, macros, registers, find, and replaces. Then edit your vimrc plugins along with quickfix lists. Lastly, see ThePrimeagen demonstrate his ideal VIM workflow.

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Published: April 20, 2021

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 34 minutes
  • Introduction
    ThePrimeagen provides a brief overview of the course, briefly introduces ED, and discusses the history of vim. The program that predates vim is vi which was written by Bill Joy for small systems on slow internet connections.
  • Why vim & Prerequisites
    ThePrimeagen discusses some personal history with getting into using vim, what types of content is on their Youtube and Twitch channels, what type of person should take this course, and course prerequisites. Different types of vim are also briefly covered in this segment.
  • Terminology
    ThePrimeagen discusses some vim terminology including files, buffers, windows, splits, and tabs. Other terminology including line numbers, current line, cursor, sign column, current mode, and the color column are briefly covered in this segment.
  • Course Overview
    ThePrimeagen demonstrates how to access the help menu, discusses abbreviations that will be used in the course, and gives an overview of the course. A student's question regarding what types of development can be done in vim is also covered in this segment.

Opening VIM

Section Duration: 40 minutes


Section Duration: 1 hour


Section Duration: 59 minutes
  • Plugins
    ThePrimeagen walks through installing vim-plug as a plugin manager and fzf.vim as a fuzzy finder. Both of the plugins installed are open source Github repositories. A brief recap of remapping shortcuts is also covered in this segment.
  • Installing a Theme
    ThePrimeagen demonstrates how to install ayu-vim as a color scheme and briefly mentions a few other popular color schemes including gruvbox and dracula.
  • Quickfix
    ThePrimeagen demonstrates how to search for, create, and navigate a quickfix list using ripgrep and fzf. How to search for and create a quickfix list with grep is also covered in this segment.
  • Offline Ordering with getqflist
    ThePrimeagen live codes searching for and ordering the course lessons using grep and getqflist in lua. The example in this segment demonstrates the ability to create custom plugins to edit quickfix lists.
  • Search & Replace
    ThePrimeagen demonstrates how to search in vim, navigate, highlight, and replace the results with regex. How to find and save the search results as variable is also covered in this segment.
  • Macros
    ThePrimeagen live codes how to use macros to record a set of keystrokes and replay them for quick code repetition and editing large chunks of similar code. How to jump to the beginning of the line is also covered in this segment.
  • Registers
    ThePrimeagen discusses registers as a key value store and answers a student's question regarding what Lua and neovim are. Registers can be selected using double quotes and yanked to edit the original macro.

Text Manipulation

Section Duration: 53 minutes

Wrapping Up

Section Duration: 6 minutes
  • Wrapping Up
    ThePrimeagen wraps up the course by answering student questions regarding different commands for plug, getting an editor going on a new system, personal workflow set up, and the benefits of vim over emacs.
I watched the ThePrimeagen’s vim videos on FrontendMasters. Now I use VS Code and Zed in vim mode.
Babátúndé Adéyẹmí

Babátúndé Adéyẹmí


ThePrimeagen pulled me in to the dark side. I'm embarking on the journey to learn VIM 🫢. This is what happens if you watch Frontend Masters instead of Netfilx.
Juris Zemītis

Juris Zemītis


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