Content Strategy

Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson

Brain Traffic
3 hours, 6 minutes CC
Content Strategy

Course Description

Join Kristina Halvorson -- owner of Brain Traffic and author of Content Strategy for the Web -- as she unpacks the tools and framework for executing a cohesive content strategy for your website and organization. You'll learn how to conduct audience research, take inventory of your content, create a messaging framework and create a core statement to guide priorities for your team! This course is ideal for people who are new to content strategy, including writers, designers, marketers, and technical communicators who are advocating for better content within their organizations.

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Published: April 6, 2018


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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 17 minutes
  • Introduction
    Starting the Content Strategy workshop, Kristina Halvorson introduces herself and her background with content strategy. After suggesting that crucial part of Content Strategy is actively listening to other people, she asks the students to interview each other about their primary pain points with content.
  • Interviewing Results
    After the students interviewed themselves, Kristina inquires about what they discovered and how they asked their questions.

What is Content Strategy?

Section Duration: 58 minutes

Content Considerations

Section Duration: 57 minutes

Content Strategy Tools

Section Duration: 52 minutes

Learn Straight from the Experts Who Shape the Modern Web

  • In-depth Courses
  • Industry Leading Experts
  • Learning Paths
  • Live Interactive Workshops
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