Get Kids into Coding with Scratch

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

4 hours, 3 minutes CC
Get Kids into Coding with Scratch

Course Description

Introduce young minds to the exciting world of programming using Scratch, a visual programming language created by MIT. With hands-on projects like building the "Taco Chase Game," an interactive story and a comprehensive platformer game, students learn fundamental game development concepts and witness how they can make their creations come to life. Learn computer science principles in a fun and interactive way!

This course and others like it are available as part of our Frontend Masters video subscription.


Course Details

Published: September 27, 2023

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 14 minutes
  • Introduction
    Steve Kinney introduces the course by providing course resources and demonstrating some projects created using Scratch. - Course Website: - Scratch:
  • Tour of the Scratch Editor
    Steve walks through the contents and terminology of the Scratch editor, including sprites, costumes, backgrounds, code blocks, and the backpack. How some code blocks relate to JavaScript concepts and the purpose of a code block's shape are also discussed in this segment.

Basic Movement & Game Loop

Section Duration: 21 minutes

Taco Chase Game

Section Duration: 45 minutes

Broadcasting & Lists

Section Duration: 15 minutes

Raining Apples Game

Section Duration: 38 minutes

Nano Jump Game

Section Duration: 36 minutes


Section Duration: 10 minutes

Platformer Game

Section Duration: 44 minutes

Further Exploration

Section Duration: 13 minutes
  • Pen Tool
    Steve discusses the Pen Scratch extension, which allows complete control over drawing graphics. A demonstration of combining custom blocks and the pen to programmatically draw shapes is also provided in this segment.
  • Snake Game
    Steve discusses utilizing the Pen extension to create infinite and finite versions of a snake game. The video sensing tool is also discussed in this segment.

Wrapping Up

Section Duration: 2 minutes
This was a great course presented by Frontend Masters; I had three 15-year-olds and one 13-year-old go through the course, and they all enjoyed it. The amazing thing was watching them take things further and create their own games (which were actually really tough to beat!).
Jeff Morrissette

Jeff Morrissette

Front End Web Developer

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