Data Visualization First Steps

Anjana Vakil

Anjana Vakil

Software Engineer & Educator
3 hours, 27 minutes CC
Data Visualization First Steps

Course Description

Instead of staring at spreadsheets of data, you can turn that data into something visual and interactive! It allows you to explore and answer questions about the information quickly. In the course, you’ll build hands-on projects with the Observable Plot library. You’ll make visualizations or “plots,” add interactivity and embed your plots around the web with JavaScript and frameworks like React. By learning these fundamentals, you’ll be able to have what you need to move on to more complex work with d3.js and beyond!

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Course Details

Published: June 7, 2022

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 2 minutes


Section Duration: 50 minutes
  • Data Visualization Use-Cases
    Anjana discusses the benefits for developers to utilize data visualization, including feature development, performance, and code and collaboration efficiency. Using graphical information to convey information allows individuals to discover meaning and patterns in data quickly.
  • Data Visualization Q&A
    Anjana answers a student's question regarding choosing appropriate graph colors and discusses various use-cases for data visualization. The student-provided use-cases addressed in this segment include healthcare, Apple watch data, retail office data tracking, and the legal field.
  • Working with Data
    Anjana discusses using Observable for in-browser data visualization and walks through the base steps to start visualizing data. Getting the base data, reshaping data, and visualizing the data are discussed in this segment.
  • JavaScript Tools for Data Vis
    Anjana provides some JavaScript tools for data visualization and discusses their functions. D3.js, Vega-Lite, Arquero, and tidy.js are discussed in this segment.
  • Grammar of Graphics
    Anjana discusses the grammar of graphics as a system for understanding the abstraction of data visualization into core concepts and discusses an overview of the course content. Marks, scales, transforms, and facets are core concepts discussed in this segment.

Data Attributes

Section Duration: 37 minutes


Section Duration: 54 minutes

API Responses

Section Duration: 50 minutes

Wrapping Up

Section Duration: 10 minutes

Learn Straight from the Experts Who Shape the Modern Web

  • In-depth Courses
  • Industry Leading Experts
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  • Live Interactive Workshops
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