Complete Intro to Product Management

Brian Holt

Brian Holt

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6 hours, 27 minutes CC
Complete Intro to Product Management

Course Description

Learn the role of a Product Manager in tech. Discover key distinctions between product and project management, improve your communication skills, use data-driven metrics, and effective planning methods. Learn through real-world exercises to ideate, prioritize, and create roadmaps for a project. Become the linchpin in your team, ensuring alignment, driving strategy, and delivering impactful products!

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Course Details

Published: September 20, 2023

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 8 minutes
  • Introduction
    Brian begins the course with a summary of who the course is designed for and a tour of the course website. There are many paths to becoming a good product manager. While this course is geared more toward those in technical or engineering roles, the concepts can easily be applied across many industries.

What Is Product Management

Section Duration: 49 minutes

Stakeholder Management

Section Duration: 32 minutes

Communication & Technical Writing

Section Duration: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Meetings & Metrics

Section Duration: 1 hour, 41 minutes

Product Specifications

Section Duration: 1 hour, 1 minute

Planning Tips

Section Duration: 42 minutes
  • Fit into the Organization
    Brian recommends shaping a planning process to align with the existing culture and organization. It's challenging to gain a consensus if the process doesn't fit. In some cases this may mean product managers focus on strategy while engineering managers create the plan.
  • Starting the Planning Process
    Brian shares tips for starting the planning process. Starting by getting ideas on paper helps with the writing process. Not all ideas need to come from a product manager. Projects should also be completable and have tangible milestones if there is a long timeline.
  • Cutlines & Roadmaps
    Brian recommends defining a cutline that defines additional work that could be performed given more resources. Also, product features should not be added to a roadmap unless a product spec is created and it has been researched.
  • Prioritizing
    Brian provides two tools that are helpful when prioritizing projects. Comparing the complexity to business value splits the risk into effort and impact. The RICE method takes a more scientific approach, allowing product managers to associate a score with each task.
  • Planning Exercise
    Students are instructed to create a prioritized roadmap for the proposed tasks along with a cutline for additional features.

Wrapping Up

Section Duration: 3 minutes
Project Manager curious? Brian Holt of Frontend Masters breaks down what it's really like to be a Product Manager. The course goes above and beyond my expectations. I acquired knowledge from a fresh perspective.
Paul Bai Kanu

Paul Bai Kanu


The "Complete Intro to Product Management" on Frontend Masters is a fantastic course. Highly recommended.
william francis

william francis


Learn Straight from the Experts Who Shape the Modern Web

  • In-depth Courses
  • Industry Leading Experts
  • Learning Paths
  • Live Interactive Workshops
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