Learn Angular, a TypeScript-based web application framework led by Google

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application platform led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations.

Core Coursework

(take these in order)

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    Editor's Notes

    Angular incorporates many of the industry’s best ideas and tooling into one powerful framework!
  • Angular 9 Fundamentals

    Use the Angular CLI to quickstart your app and learn about Angular 9.x fundamentals including: components, templates, routing, forms, and server-side communication.
    6 hours, 0 minutes CC
    Angular 9 Fundamentals
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    Editor's Notes

    Angular has TypeScript built into the framework. In order to take full advantage of the framework, you should know TypeScript.
  • TypeScript Fundamentals, v3

    TypeScript adds a powerful type system on top of your JavaScript to catch bugs before they happen and provide a superior developer experience for collaborative teams.
    4 hours, 27 minutes CC
    TypeScript Fundamentals, v3
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    Editor's Notes

    Learn the techniques and patterns that high-performance Angular teams use every single day to build production-grade Angular apps!
  • Production-Grade Angular

    Learn how to structure your projects leveraging Angular CLI and Nx. Create shared modules and apply unit tests and end-to-end testing. Analyze performance and ship your app to production using Docker.
    6 hours, 57 minutes CC
    Production-Grade Angular

Elective Coursework