Be Productive with React.js, Today's Most Popular Framework

React makes it painless to create interactive UIs. Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.

Core Coursework

(take these in order)

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    Learn to build an entire real-world, modern application from scratch in today’s tools!
  • Complete Intro to React, v5

    Much more than an intro, you’ll build with the latest features in React, including hooks, effects, context, and portals. Learn to build real-world apps from the ground up using the latest tools in the React ecosystem, like Parcel, ESLint, Prettier, and Reach Router!
    5 hours, 35 minutes CC
    Complete Intro to React, v5
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    Learn the tools in the surrounding React ecosystem.
  • Intermediate React, v2

    Build scalable React applications using the tools and techniques available in the React ecosystem. You’ll learn hooks in-depth, CSS-in-JS with emotion, increase performance with code splitting and server-side rendering, add TypeScript, test your app with Jest …and more!
    3 hours, 51 minutes CC
    Intermediate React, v2
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    Learn patterns for passing props and designing your APIs for your components to make them more reusable and useful.
  • Advanced React Patterns

    Simplify large React applications by separating your component logic, state and display properties to make React components more flexible and usable!
    3 hours, 23 minutes CC
    Advanced React Patterns
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    Increase the confidence you have in shipping your React applications to production. Learn all the types of tests you’ll need to test your React apps.
  • Testing React Applications, v2

    Fix errors before your app reaches the end user by writing maintainable unit test & integration tests for your React applications!
    4 hours, 11 minutes CC
    Testing React Applications, v2
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    Managing state in applications can be one of the more significant challenges you face building large applications. In this course, Steve covers a ton of different approaches so that you can find the best state management approach for your team.
  • Advanced State Management in React (feat. Redux and MobX)

    Explore popular libraries to manage state including Flux, Redux, MobX, Redux Sagas, and more. Learning these patterns will help you leverage the best techniques for managing state in your React applications!
    8 hours, 3 minutes CC
    Advanced State Management in React (feat. Redux and MobX)
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    There are even more React courses! You can also learn d3.js for data visualization on top of React. Use Firebase as your back end. Or cross-compile React across native mobile. Functional programming is used a lot in React as well, so it would be good to brush up on your functional as well.

Elective Coursework