Your Path to Becoming a Career-Ready Web Developer!

You'll start with introduction to web development and deep dive into JavaScript, modern layout techniques in order to have the skills to be a professional web developer today.

Core Coursework

(take these in order)

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    Editor's Notes

    The Introduction to Web Development course is meant to give you a perspective of the entire development industry. You’ll get a whirlwind tour of all the major pieces of building a website. If you’re completely new, you might want to check out our Bootcamp for beginners first.
  • Complete Intro to Web Development, v2

    More than an introduction, in this course you’ll go from building your first website to having the foundation for becoming a professional web developer!
    11 hours, 5 minutes CC
    Complete Intro to Web Development, v2
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    Editor's Notes

    Once you’ve gotten perspective of the entire Web Development industry, you’ll want to learn the basics of programming in JavaScript – the most popular programming language in the world!
  • Getting Started with JavaScript, v2

    "Get a tour of the building blocks of programming like variables, loops, functions and operations. Then learn the three main pillars of JavaScript: Types and Coercion, Scope and Closure and JavaScript’s “this” and Prototype system."
    2 hours, 36 minutes CC
    Getting Started with JavaScript, v2
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    Editor's Notes

    An essential part of building websites is laying out the design of your website. Jen teaches you the different ways to lay out a webpage, and Flexbox and CSS Grid are the most modern ways to do this.
  • CSS Grids and Flexbox for Responsive Web Design

    Master CSS Grid and Flexbox, the latest tools and tricks to layout beautiful, responsive web applications with less code.
    5 hours, 30 minutes CC
    CSS Grids and Flexbox for Responsive Web Design
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    Editor's Notes

    Now that you’ve learned the basics of JavaScript and CSS, it’s time to learn enough JavaScript to be productive and learn to build interactivity into your sites.
  • JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS, v2

    Learn higher-order functions, closures, scope, master key functional methods like map, reduce and filter and promises and ES6+ asynchronous JavaScript.
    8 hours, 11 minutes CC
    JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS, v2
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    Editor's Notes

    Congrats! Learning JavaScript is not easy. Now to make your website available to wide variety of users, including keyboard users, you’ll need to have a fundamental understanding of Accessibilty.
  • Website Accessibility, v2

    Audit and fix accessibility issues on any website! Learn keyboard accessibility, focus control & ARIA roles to make sites accessible to screen readers and those with disabilities.
    2 hours, 52 minutes CC
    Website Accessibility, v2
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    Editor's Notes

    There are a few optional courses below. First, it’s good to build inclusive websites that make your websites accessible to those with disabilities. Also, if you build your websites right with SEO, search engines will send visitors your way.

Elective Coursework