Expert Learning Path Your Path to Becoming a Lead / Staff Developer!

Learn mind-expanding web development techniques and emerging APIs to solve even the most complex challenges top-level engineers face.

Core Coursework

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    Editor's Notes

    Lead developers are who get asked the tough questions. Lydia’s course does precisely this. You’ll answer 30 tough questions across topics ranging from CSS & JS to networking & security.
  • Advanced Web Development Quiz

    Challenge your knowledge with a quiz on the advanced parts of web development! Answer 30 questions from JavaScript and CSS to performance, web security, and HTTP protocols.
    2 hours, 21 minutes CC
    Advanced Web Development Quiz
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    Understanding asynchronous and functional programming will increase your programming abilities drastically. Will’s style of building an in-depth mental model helps you understand these complex topics.
  • The Hard Parts of Asynchronous JavaScript

    Develop an intuitive understanding of the new features of JavaScript in ES6+: iterators, generators, promises, and async/await!
    4 hours, 46 minutes CC
    The Hard Parts of Asynchronous JavaScript
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    Your core understanding of JavaScript is at a maximum. Now it’s time to learn how to lead a team of engineers by managing large-scale applications, migrating codebases, and enforcing a high level of code quality.
  • Enterprise UI Development: Testing & Code Quality

    Ideal for lead UI developers: learn unit testing, continuous integration, accessibility testing, mocking, and coding standards enforcement. Guide your team toward coding scalability!
    8 hours, 25 minutes CC
    Enterprise UI Development: Testing & Code Quality
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    Make sure your code is fast by diving into how the JavaScript engines and web browsers parse your code.
  • JavaScript Performance

    Write more efficient JavaScript, optimize rendering performance, load assets faster with a CDN, split loading resources with Webpack, and more!
    4 hours, 55 minutes CC
    JavaScript Performance
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    Performance can also be obtained by understanding the browser’s inner workings. Will builds a robust mental model for UI composition and virtual DOM rendering so you can understand and recreate the reactivity of frameworks in the most performant way.
  • The Hard Parts of UI Development

    Develop an under-the-hood knowledge of UI development by learning techniques such as data binding, UI composition, templating, virtual DOM and its reconciliation, and hooks, all from scratch! Master UI frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, and Svelte by seeing exactly what problems they solve.
    9 hours, 19 minutes CC
    The Hard Parts of UI Development
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    There’s a push with new languages that compile to JavaScript, which are born of a functional nature like Elm and PureScript. Learn more about how to apply functional programming principles to JavaScript.
  • Functional-Light JavaScript, v3

    Improve your JavaScript by applying functional programming concepts like function purity, point-free, partial-application, currying, plus even more advanced concepts.
    10 hours, 1 minutes CC
    Functional-Light JavaScript, v3
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    Editor's Notes

    State management is one of the most challenging problems in software engineering. State Machines and State Charts can be fantastic solutions across various environments.
  • State Machines in JavaScript with XState, v2

    Learn the fundamentals of state machines and statecharts. You'll build state machines without any libraries in pure JavaScript, then use XState to..click to read more.
    4 hours, 8 minutes CC
    State Machines in JavaScript with XState, v2
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    Editor's Notes

    When a developer (including yourself) messes up git, which inevitably happens, someone on the team needs to know how to get you out of a pinch! Learn git deeply and never lose your work again.
  • Git In-depth

    A deep dive into git, this course is for developers who use git and GitHub every day and want to learn the inner workings and use advanced techniques.
    3 hours, 27 minutes CC
    Git In-depth
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    Editor's Notes

    Web Assembly enables web browsers to become the universal compile target to run modules from any language and ship complex programs.
  • Web Assembly (Wasm)

    Learn foundational, low-level programming such as binary, hexadecimal, array buffers, memory management, and unsigned integers.
    3 hours, 43 minutes CC
    Web Assembly (Wasm)
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    You might write high-performance code, but how high-performance is your workflow? Learning to set up projects quickly and creating consistency across development machines is a valuable skill for daily productivity.
  • Developer Productivity

    Build a pro dev workflow to increase your developer productivity across multiple machines, projects, and technologies. Learn more!
    4 hours, 17 minutes CC
    Developer Productivity
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    Now that you’ve conquered our Expert Learning Path, check out the optional courses below or explore other learning paths to expand your knowledge.

Elective Coursework