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Strategy vs. Goals

Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson

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Content Strategy

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After defining strategy as a distinct path chosen to move towards achieving a goal, Kristina reviews examples of strategies.


Transcript from the "Strategy vs. Goals" Lesson

>> So strategy, so now we're gonna talk about how this comes back around to content strategy, okay? Are there any other questions there? No, okay. So a strategy is a distinct path you choose to reach a goal, okay? Again, it's a key initiative to create meaningful change. Which, in this instance, change means reaching your goal.

So strategy, when we talk about strategy, is essentially the definition from Roger Martin who is kind of considered the godfather of strategy. Is strategy is gonna identify where we'll play and how we'll win, okay? So the first part of your, and then we're gonna talk about the content strategy statement that can assist us.

So the first part of your strategy statement identifies where you're gonna focus your efforts, okay? And then the second part is how you're going to win specifically. So what general activities you'll take within the constraints of how to play, where winning equals moving towards the goal. Okay, so strategy statement, our Help content will deliver a consistently delightful, always satisfying experience.

So where we'll play, where we've decided to focus our efforts are in our help content. Okay, how we're gonna win is that we're gonna deliver a delightful, satisfying experience with Help content. Which will essentially help us crush the competition because no one has satisfying, delightful experiences with their Help content, okay?

For example. Okay, so here's one thing. This is a strategy and a goal, okay? So where we'll play is gonna be our new website and how we think we're gonna win is our redesign. We're gonna deliver user centered content that, one, increases leads, and two, improves site wide user satisfaction.

Okay, so our goals the measurable outcome there. Strategy is where we'll play, how we're gonna win, how we'll win, I'm sorry, is to deliver user-centered content. Sorry, that's not very clear in the way that I've noted at this. So you can mush this up together if you want.

It's just important to understand the difference because a lot of times what I see are tactics mixed up with strategy. Here, I think I have an example here. Okay, so if we have, for example, our About Us section will tell our company story with engaging, compelling content. Have people seen this before?

It does define kind of where we'll play from a strategic perspective. And I've got this down to the project level now, by the way, okay? So that it relates directly to content and helps us to sort of, so this is not anymore the larger functional operational. This is more functional.

What are our strategic objectives within a project, for example, okay? So this is super subjective because it is difficult to measure engaging and compelling. It is not going to help you win, it's not differentiating, and it's just kinda generally lame.

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