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Kristina Halvorson

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Kristina discusses a Content Ecosystem Map, which is a diagram that exposes how content is being published through an organization.


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>> Okay, content ecosystem map. So when we talk about our content ecosystem, we're essentially talking about where bless you content exists within our organization or within our digital sphere. So this is a very, very simple example of a content ecosystem map. And we'll look at this a little bit more closely.

So you'll see that there's an ownership key up there. Marketing sales, product development, and customer support. This is pretty common delineation between who owns what. Product development is oftentimes their subject matter experts, and customer support is like the Help site, sales is, I guess sales can be either on the site or within an intranet, for example, if there were the sales presentations.

Live and then it shows one way or two way to determine whether or not content is being published and delivered one way or if it's a share scenario. So here we have the example of the member community, content is being generated there and people are publishing it but we are not pulling content from it and sharing to other sources.

Support Twitter account is connected with user guides. Over here we've got Customer Support site which is feeding into User Guides. We have the proposal email, site, sales presentations that are all owned by sales. And then this information is fed into the main website, which then goes to what used to be the mobile site.

But now of course, it's responsive design and it's all the same, right? Yes, fantastic. Okay, so this is a useful, sorry, let me get back here. This is a really useful tool when you're trying to get your arms around what content you're going to be managing and working with, the project level or where you actually get to have influence.

A lot of times, what we see is that folks only have influence over the site or a section of the site. But they are not actually reaching out to other areas of the organization where content might be redundant and this can be in a very small organization as well.

Where, why are we repurposing? I mean, for example, on a conference website, a lot of times we have like convince your boss content and then we wanna send an email about convince your boss, why wouldn't we repurpose that content? Well, one person over here wrote the content for the website, another one is responsible for the email.

And sometimes they're just not like meeting up to say, we can just repurpose or share this content. So in mapping this ecosystem, you're able to kind of identify who your potential content partners might be and where you need to go to get one, okay? I am not gonna have you guys just because we've got folks online.

I am not gonna have you guys map out your content ecosystems, but it is a useful tool that I encourage you to try.

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