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Kristina goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-framed. In this exercise, students list out the Vision, Mission, and (Current) Goals in their workplace.


Transcript from the "Goals & Exercise" Lesson

>> So we're gonna talk about goals quickly here. How's that for a slide transition? I'm just keeping you guys on your feet. When we talk about goals, and I don't set as many goals in my personal life as I should. I mean, I'm usually just like a roll with the punches kind of a gal.

But when we are talking about goals, we like to talk about them as SMART goals. So a goal, when we set it, for our team, for ourselves, whatever the case may be, it's gotta be specific, it has to be measurable, it has to be actually attainable, something realistic.

So a goal, it's one thing to have a vision of our security system in every house. It's another thing to say, we have a goal of our security system in every house, cuz that's not reasonable, right? We need to have a goal of like move 100,000 units by the end of Q4 or whatever.

It has to be relevant to the long-term success of our team or organization, and it has to be bound by a time constraint. Okay? Relevant, when it comes to content is especially key, because so much of content is just nice to have or kind of dumped out there into the digital sphere.

So when we are talking about goals for our digital products, websites, mobile apps, video interactive experiences etc, we need to make sure that there's that relevancy piece, okay? All right, so a goal is an end point then for your organization, website, or product, okay? This is my little acronym, which I should.

[LAUGH] I was like, there's no acronym for this vision mission goal situation. My friend was like, well, you can just do this and then add the little umlaut over the O, and you can pretend that it's a foreign word, but it's not. Okay, so what I'd like to have you do is to sort of see if you have this stuff in place.

I want to open it up to, whether it's your organization, if it is the team that you're working on, or even if it's just for you personally within the realm of your career. All right, what is your ideal future state, what do you exist to do? And then do you know what the goals are for 2018, okay?

If you haven't been handed these, I would like to have you, we're just gonna do five minutes on this. I'd like to have you take five minutes and sketch out some ideas, okay? And it's whatever resonates the most with you. If it's for your team, if it's for a project, if it's for your organization, or if it's just for your career, I'd like you to take a few minutes to sort of sketch this out to start thinking about this framework.

I'm gonna go back on this framework here. Okay, so we're gonna start here. Because it is in being able to identify these things that's what gets us up in the morning. This is what brings meaning to our work. This is what can and should fuel us. This is what takes all of our objectives, tactics, and targets to the next level by integrating them into something with larger meaning.

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