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>> Okay, we are actually coming up kind of on the end of our tools here. So I want to introduce some content review tools that your stakeholders can use to review content as it comes in and as it gets turned around. And then I think that we'll talk about workflow briefly, and then we'll have time for questions, okay?

Is that all right? All right, great. So if you are going to stakeholders with content that they need to review, whether it is current state content that they need to review to see what changes need to be made. If it is future state content that they need to review before it goes to publish.

These are for, for example, attributes that you might ask them to take a look at. And this can appear in, here, I'll show you wait, what is happening? There we go. And this can be delivered in sort of a review sheet. So the attributes that have been selected here are audience, voice and tone, clarity, and readability.

And when we talk about cell values, this is essentially we're including it in the content inventory, asking them to review this content. And we're giving them a little drop down menu of, tell us what you think about this content right within the inventory, okay? So the question that we wanna ask is, who does the content appear to be written for?

And then they'll tell us, this is what we're seeing in the current state content, okay? And then this is what you'll look for as a content reviewer. So let me give you an example of how this looks. So, Here are two different review tools. One is for the subject matter experts that we're asking to review source content.

And one is for actual writers and editors that we're asking to review for new content. Okay, so if you are, Let's see, does anyone here actually have to go to subject matter experts for source content? No, okay, so this might not be as relevant. This is something to share with your project managers, potentially, because they are the ones typically that have to go out and get the content.

So this might be a gift that you give to them. Where you say here are some tools for you to go and talk to the subject matter experts to see if the content that is out there is valuable, useful or usable. So that they're not just randomly flipping through pages and going, yep, we need to keep this, yep, we need to keep this.

This way we have some informed feedback on it, okay?

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