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ThePrimeagen demonstrates how to use the edit command to open and navigate files in vim.


Transcript from the "Files & Navigation - Edit" Lesson

>> So let's move on and some navigations. Let's use edit to open some files. I know we just went on a huge, detour there. We are using net rw, we could use J and K to go around, we could press enter to, enter into folders or to enter into the file itself.

There are other things you can do with net rw such as creating files, deleting files, you can also open and split. You can have it look a lot nicer. There's some other stuff to it, but that's kind of configuration, you can look that up, not hard to do.

So let's use Edit, so Edit or E for short, allows you to also open up files, you Edit a file. So let's open up them in the vim-nav-playground. And now we're in the file tree, but we're not gonna use it, we're gonna instead go colon E and I can press Ctrl D, and there you go.

Notice that that is pretty much the same view as my tree view, so I can go, okay, let's open up the exercise.js, I can press E, press tab, and it'll give me a couple options. I do want to use the top option so I'll just press Enter. There we go, I'm now here.

I can do that again, E, I can use Tab just to walk around in there. There you go, there's all of them, use Tab to walk around. Ctrl next, let's go to the source. And then, now I can start typing again what's in here. Let's press Ctrl D, once again, all right, there's also, I can use Ctrl D to see what's in there, all right?

It's just one item, use Tab to auto complete it. Okay, that's kind of nice, but in the end using E to edit, there are ways to make it kind of fuzzy find for you, but ultimately, still kinda feels like a nerd tree, right? You're still walking to the thing you want to do, and you have to type to it.

It's like, it's not that efficient, right? You can pick it up a little bit, by doing something like E star star al and hitting tab and it'll try to find this for me. There we go maybe up, my goodness. E is a little I use it star also right there you go.

I got it, we found it right star star slash star hit tab is starting to find them all you can do some basic fuzzy finding, but that's only okay, right? That's not something I'm gonna use on the regular, I want something faster, better. I want something that kind of feels more like VS code, right?

When you press Ctrl P, I assume in VS code, it opens up like a Quick Find menu. Like that's something that probably everybody wants, which is a fast way to be able to find files quickly and of course, what's the answer? Them has one, what keys do you press?

Remap, that's what you got to do, come on remap already.

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