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Registration is Closed

Registration for the Bootcamp is now closed. We deeply appreciate your interest — if you would like to be notified when the Bootcamp course is available this spring, please sign up for a free trial account to watch our Introduction to Web Development course and you will be notified when the Bootcamp videos are available.


Question: What is the Bootcamp?

Answer: Frontend Masters is producing a two week intensive, project-based training to teach everyone how to code with all the modern tools and technologies that a professional developer uses. Taught by instructors from Harvard and Microsoft, the Bootcamp is ideal for beginners as we cover everything you need to start developing websites.

Question: When does the Bootcamp start?

Answer: The Bootcamp is from October 29 to November 9th starting at 9:30 AM CT from Monday to Friday. Office Hours are tentatively scheduled for the Saturdays of November 4th and 11th for Bootcamp students to get additional feedback and mentorship on their projects.

Question: How do I participate in the Bootcamp?

Answer: If you registered for the Bootcamp, login to Frontend Masters with your account and click the Join the Bootcamp link.

Question: I’m in a different time zone, can I watch replays?

Answer: Each day’s workshop training is recorded and posted. Registered Bootcamp students will be able to review any of previous days’ training.

Question: I didn’t register for the Bootcamp, can I still participate?

Answer: Registration for the Bootcamp is closed. Sign up for a trial account to watch our Introduction to Web Development course and you will be notified when the Bootcamp videos are available this Spring. Also, you might be interested in reviewing our Bootcamp prerequisite course, Internet Fundamentals.

Intense Training to Get You Coding

In week one, you'll build your first website and start on a portfolio to share with potential future employers. Then in week two, you'll be learning programming in JavaScript in order to make your web pages interactive. ✨

Week 1: HTML 🏠, CSS 🎨🖌, and Fundamental Web Development - led by Jen Kramer 👩‍🏫

  • Oct 29 Mon

    Day 1: HTML and building a basic web page.

  • Oct 30 Tue

    Day 2: Basic CSS, and making web pages pretty.

  • Oct 31 Wed

    Day 3: Advanced CSS Layout — starting to build a home page with a portfolio site.

  • Nov 1 Thur

    Day 4: Forms and Embedding Fonts, Maps and 3rd party tools like YouTube — adding these concepts into the portfolio site with a contact form and map embed.

  • Nov 2 Fri

    Day 5: Using GitHub pages to put the portfolio website online, plus starting next week’s calculator application look and feel.

  • Nov 3&4 Sat & Sun

    Day 6&7: Individual work on assignments during the weekend with Office Hours.

Week 2: JavaScript ✨, Deployment 🚀, and Projects - led by Brian Holt 👨‍🏫

  • Nov 5 Mon

    Day 8: Show and Tell the Weekend Projects, and an intro to programming with If, Variable Functions. This day's instruction will include CodePen JS Exercises.

  • Nov 6 Tue

    Day 9: Solutions to JS Exercises, plus Objects and Arrays illustrated through more CodePen Exercises

  • Nov 7 Wed

    Day 10: Solutions to JS Exercises + DOM with the calculator project, leading into building a Whack-A-Mole Game.

  • Nov 8 Thur

    Day 11: Covering integrating 3rd party libraries into your website, Brian will walk you through adding ‘PopMotion Library to your Portfolio site.

  • Nov 9 Fri

    Day 12: Integrating play by using everything you’ve learned — you’ll make a complex interactive web game. The day will end with a Show and Tell of this Capstone project, followed by a celebration!

Empower Awesome Non-Profits with Your Donation ❤️

For online attendees, a $10 donation is required to participate. 100% of the money collected will be donated to non-profits who focus on developer outreach and promote diversity in tech.

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