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What is the Bootcamp, and how does it work?

The Frontend Masters Bootcamp is a complete crash course, and everything you need to get up and running with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By completing the coursework contained in the Bootcamp, along with practice, you will be well on your way into the world of web development!

Will Sentance Teaching

Why Frontend Masters?

All of our courses are taught by industry leading experts, people actively shaping the craft of web development. In addition, our courses are regularly updated to keep pace with the latest evolutions to ensure you're learning industry best practices and the latest techniques.

Will Sentance Teaching

Bootcamp Curriculum

Introduction to HTML

1 hours, 47 minutes

Introduction to CSS

4 hours, 11 minutes

HTML Forms

2 hours, 4 minutes

Website Embeds & GitHub Pages

0 hours, 54 minutes

Calculator Project: HTML & CSS

0 hours, 48 minutes

Introduction to JavaScript

5 hours, 23 minutes

Calculator Project: JavaScript

1 hours, 13 minutes

Using JavaScript in Websites

3 hours, 2 minutes

Build a Game Project: Feed-A-Star-Mole

2 hours, 14 minutes

Total Hours to Learn HTML, CSS & JS

21 hours, 6 minutes

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A: This is completely free - and we believe by educating more people about web development, we get a better web - with more voices empowered to share their ideas, apps and perspectives. So the catch is we hope you build something awesome. Oh, and if you'd like to become a customer in the future to take more advanced courses and take your career to the next level, that would be cool too. 😀
A: We plan on keeping this content (and perhaps adding to it) for free for as long as we can.
A: You will learn three languages that build websites - HTML (the content of a websites), CSS (how that content looks) and JavaScript (how that content acts). Upon completing the Bootcamp you should be capable of creating a website with HTML, styling how it looks with CSS, and having some control over how it acts with JavaScript.
A: We recommend practicing the skills you've learned - making websites, apps and picking up projects where you can. When you're ready to start taking your skills to the next level, we have many courses that can land you jobs anywhere in front end web development. You can join here.