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First-Click Tests: Testing User Intuition

Want to know if your website's design is intuitive enough for users to find what they're looking for? First-click tests are the perfect tool to help you find out!

Testing User Interaction with First-Click Tests

In a first-click test, users are given a specific task, like “Join Now” and then asked to click where they would naturally go to complete that task. By analyzing where users click first, you can quickly identify if your design effectively guides them to the right place or if there are any confusing elements that lead them astray.

Steps to Create a First-Click Test

  1. Create a screen capture of the page.
  2. Log in to Lyssna and create a new test.
  3. Give the test a name (e.g., “First Click”) and make it a part of your project.
  4. Select the device (desktop in this case).
  5. Choose the first-click test option and drag and drop your screenshot.
  6. Write a question, such as “Where would you click if you wanted to subscribe to Frontend Masters?”
  7. (Optional) Add a frame or follow-up questions if desired.
  8. Save and continue.
  9. Choose to either have Lyssna recruit participants or set up a link to share with your own audience.
  10. Customize the introductory text if needed.

User Experience

  1. Click on the link to start the test.
  2. Read the question: “Where would you click if you want to subscribe to Frontend Masters?”
  3. Click on the image to view it and then click on the desired spot.
  4. Confirm the click and complete the test.

Analyzing the Results

  1. Log back into Lyssna and go to your project and first-click test.
  2. View the results, which will show a heat map of where people clicked on the page.
  3. Use the heat map to determine if people know where to click to complete the desired action.

The Value of the First-Click Test

The first-click test is a valuable tool for understanding user behavior and identifying potential usability issues on your website. By presenting users with a specific task and analyzing where they click first, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of your site’s layout, design, and call-to-action elements. This information can help you optimize your website to ensure that users can easily navigate and complete their desired actions, ultimately improving the overall user experience and increasing conversions. Incorporating first-click tests into your usability testing process can provide actionable data to guide your design decisions and create a more user-friendly website.

First-Click Test Video Transcript

So let’s imagine for a moment that we’re concerned that users might not see this “Join Now” button on the Frontend Masters home page.

We can test that using a first-click test.

All we need to do is create a screen capture of the page and I’m just going to hold that up there for a second then we’re going to go across to “Lyssna” and then once we’ve logged in to Lyssna we can create a new test.

We just need to give it a name we’re going to call it “First Click” we’re going to make it a part of my Frontend Masters project and we’re going to test on just desktop in this particular situation.

Now because we’re going to use our own audience to test this we don’t need to worry about screener questions or defining our audience.

All we need to do is go and find the first click test option.

We select that and we literally drag and drop our screenshot here and we write a question “Where would you click if you wanted to subscribe to Frontend Masters?”

Okay now if we want we can give it a frame but we won’t bother in this particular case.

We can also add follow-up questions if we want to but we don’t even want to do that in this particular scenario.

So we are literally asking a single question.

Now you can hit “Save and Continue” and we can either get them to recruit participants for us or we can set up a link where we can do it ourselves and there are various settings that we can have if we want to but we just want a link.

So we’ve now got our link now let’s go to that link and we shall have a look at what the user experience is like.

So there’s a bit of introductory text we can customize that if we want to.

Then we go through and it says “Where would you click if you want to subscribe to Frontend Masters?”

Click on the image to carry out the instructions or complete this set task.

So we’re now going to hit click to view the image and there’s the image and then the user can click wherever they want on the screen but let’s say we get it right and click there.

We’re then asked to confirm that click and we’re done.

Simple as that.

So if we then go back over to Lyssna and we log back in we can go into Frontend Masters and our first click test you can see there’s been one response and we can view the results.

So what it will show us is basically a heat map where people have clicked on the page and therefore we can be confident that people know where to click.

UX Research & User Testing Course