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>> Congrats on finishing the course of the complete intro to product management. There's a lot of talking. This was a very interesting course for me to teach, because it is what I have been doing for the past five years. I've been less involved in the day-to-day coding aspect of my job.

I still code a lot in my own time and, as part of writing demos and stuff like that, but less so in terms of like shipping code on a day--t-o-day, but this has been an awesome course to teach. It went really well, I was very surprised about like I was worried that this would go too fast or too slow or something like that, but I'm pretty happy about it.

But I wanna restate here this is a very Brian Holt take, and my take very much was formed at Microsoft Stripe and Snowflake. Don't get me wrong, that's actually a really wide breadth. They all pm very differently. Like you'll see a lot more Snowflake Google relatedness like those kinds of cultures more marry each other.

Microsoft is very much its own culture, and Stripe borrowed a lot from Facebook, right? So, like, they're all kind of all over the place, which I've enjoyed. Like I've enjoyed all the various different aspects about it, and I can tell you the pros and cons of every one of them.

Just so you know, I did consult quite a few PMs on this course, so it is at least been looked at by PMs from different Stripes and Stripes that was not intentional, but it actually is literally true, it has been looked at by Stripes to make sure I wasn't too far off base from anyone's experience.

And I did incorporate a bunch of that feedback so, yeah, some of this advice is the opposite of what you should do, and you'll find that out quickly when you do it. But I wanted you to be exposed and it's sometimes it's just good to hear something. So, no I don't wanna do that, right?

And actually have that moment of intention to do something different. But your experience is gonna vary. This is a very many ways to do this job correctly kinda thing and should match sorta your expectations and your experience to get there. But I promise you, I truly did my best.

I worked harder on this course than I have on a course in a long time just because it is really important to me, and I wanted to get it right. So, hopefully, you enjoyed it, hopefully, you learned a bit about being a PM. I, hopefully, some of you I convinced to be a PM, and also equally, I hope I convinced some of you to never be a PM, right?

Both of those are extremely valid outcomes from this course, and I hope that exposure kind of helped you set you on your way. If I made you more confused, I don't know what to tell you. I find that confusing. So in any case, I think all of these skills will make you better in office environments.

Generally tech, cuz that's my exposure, but I think this could be useful in banks, health care, anywhere that you have sort of interpersonal, relationships where you're trying to push projects forward I think all this kind of applies. So, hope you enjoyed the class. Best of luck in your journey to either towards product management or running away as fast as you can.

And yeah, if you enjoyed it, let me know on on the Twitter spheres or anything like that, but yeah, thanks so much. Thanks for attending.

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