AWS For Front-End Engineers, v2

AWS Free Tier Overview

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

AWS For Front-End Engineers, v2

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Steve summarizes the specs included in the AWS free tier. S3 includes 5GB of storage, Cloudfront includes 1TB of data transfer, and Lambda includes one million free requests per month.


Transcript from the "AWS Free Tier Overview" Lesson

>> This repo, AWS for frontend has a very like simple react demo app that we're just going to use to deploy it. It's got some client side routes. The normal stuff that you might see as well as kind of all the things that we're gonna talk about with some pictures in a lot of cases with arrows and kind of.

Everything I'm ging to say is also written out as well, so you can kind of follow along both as I'm going through it as well as kind of refer to this stuff later as well. We're using some of the least expensive parts of AWS, right? They are ways to run yourself up.

A hefty bill in AWS but typically, s3 and CloudFront are not a ways to do it. Even at full cost like I believe the CloudFront functions, I think after you blow through the free tier is three quarters of a penny for 10,000 requests, right? And stuff along those lines.

But there is also a kind of free tier that you get for your first year in AWS which is going to cover a lot of what we're gonna need for now, we care mostly about these first three I just threw a few other ones in there because they might be of interest.

To some of us which is you get about five gigabytes of storage on s3, there's some joke in there about how the like size of your average client side application keeps growing. Probably not to five gigs. So right. I'm also gonna keep that in mind too because there are certain choices that I'm going to make where I will explain my thinking around them, but you might philosophically make a different choice, for instance I'll kind of give you one of them now.

When I build a new version of the application, index that HQL is fresh, but all of the JavaScript and CSS files are fingerprinted, I don't remove the old ones cuz like one time in 2017, somebody accidentally deleted the wrong JavaScript files and took down production. For once, it was not me.

Normally when production goes down, it's my fault. But so those are reasons that you might choose that that does not fit with your just, general aesthetic. And that is totally fine. That is just my choice. Cloudfront we get one terabyte of data transfer people pulling down the cached versions of our site.

So that is part of also why. And some of these also have like a monthly amount of free usage as well. It's usually like only once you're over and we expel stuff from the cache and Cloudfront you get 1000 invalidations a month. So a question I got a lot of times was like what happens if we go past that?

One, it's like pennies and two if we're deploying more than 1000 times a month I'm okay, right? My team will pay for those pennies. So, yeah just kind of things to kind of think about their ways. They're always to kind of calculate this, but like I said sometimes you don't really know and usually your biggest bills are from boobers not from the paved path.

But like I said for the technologies that we will we'll be using today a lot of them are definitely some of the safer for your wallet in these casese. That said even if you're using the free tier AWS is not going to let you sign up without a credit card.

Part of the reason for that is yes, in case you do run up a big bill, the other part having worked at SAS companies before, which is if you give people access to your infrastructure, and you don't make them give you a credit card, they will use it for bad things, right?

So a lot of cases like some of that is just fraud prevention stuff as well. So with that we're going to go through the process of setting up an account. I have some of the screenshots here as well. I'm gonna go through it with you but at some point we will kind of take a break as I do the fun part of putting in my phone number and my credit card

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