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Jen gives some final thoughts about going further with HTML & CSS.

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Transcript from the "HTML & CSS Final Thoughts" Lesson

>> Jen Kramer: So let me just leave you with this final parting thought, that we have been working a lot on HTML and CSS this week. There are more parts of web development that we haven't talked about yet. So before you actually start coding your website, there's a huge process that comes in thinking about what it is you're going to put on the website, what kind of pictures you're going to choose, what are you going to say?

Why is it that you're building this website in the first place? So this part of the development process is called user experience or UX. You'll also hear something referred to as UI which is the development of the interface itself. So if you like HTML and CSS, you like graphic design, you wanna do more of that kind of work, you might also check out UX.

Just go ahead and type in UX, you'll probably pull up a zillion resources in Google. And you can make great careers in UX and UI. In fact, we're I'm from in the Boston area of Massachusetts here in the US, there is an enormous UX community. This is making websites actually usable and achieving the goals that are set out for them.

And then of course Brian is gonna be talking about JavaScript this week. JavaScript is, I think, is the mostly focusing on the front end, JavaScript is definitely moving to the back end as well. So there's a whole another realm of programming on the back end in terms of database design, and programming.

It's been absolutely fabulous being here with all of you this week. I had so much fun. Thank you all so much. I will see you out there online, bye.
>> Jen Kramer: Thank you, thank you.