require(esm) in Node.js

By Chris Coyier on

Joyee Cheung made some waves in Node land last month: Since ESM was shipped in Node.js, for many years, it was possible to import cjs, but not possible to require(esm). The frustration of ERR_REQUIRE_ESM has bothered many and probably has been the primary source of wasted hours in the Node.js ecosystem. If package authors wanted to make sure that […]

Node.js Debugging in Chrome DevTools

By Chris Coyier on

I was pairing with my co-worker last week. They had a super different debugging style than I do. I’m aware that I can do fancy things in DevTools, like set breakpoints and whatnot right from within DevTools and use well-placed debugger; statements to halt JavaScript execution and inspect things at that point. But I hardly […]

Node.js: The Documentary

By Chris Coyier on

I enjoyed watching Honeypot’s recent Node.js Documentary. Props to Honeypot for taking the time and resources to do these historical dives into some of our industries most major technologies. I like seeing the human side of these things. I feel like if too much more time passed, documentaries like these would get a lot harder […]