Node.js: The Documentary

I enjoyed watching Honeypot’s recent Node.js Documentary. Props to Honeypot for taking the time and resources to do these historical dives into some of our industries most major technologies. I like seeing the human side of these things. I feel like if too much more time passed, documentaries like these would get a lot harder to pull off and may never happen at all. Not to assign bloated importance to my own industry, but web technology affects a massive slice of the population of Earth, so major changes in how it works are a big deal.

They’ve also done Ruby on Rails, React, Vue, Ember, GraphQL, and others. All stuff you can learn on Frontend Masters, weird 😛.

Wanna learn Node.js deeply?

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Node.js is emerged as one of the predominate back-end languages of the web. It's great for JavaScript developers to stay in one language across client and server. We have a complete learning path on Node.js from some of the best teachers in JavaScript.

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