Node.js Debugging in Chrome DevTools

By Chris Coyier on

I was pairing with my co-worker last week. They had a super different debugging style than I do. I’m aware that I can do fancy things in DevTools, like set breakpoints and whatnot right from within DevTools and use well-placed debugger; statements to halt JavaScript execution and inspect things at that point. But I hardly […]

DevTools Tips & Tricks

By Pankaj Parashar on

Front-end developers spend a significant amount of time working inside the browser’s DevTools. Likely just as much as they spend time writing code in the code editor. However, most developers barely scratch the surface of what DevTools can accomplish. I have been curating a collection of DevTools tips across major browsers. The following are some […]


By Zach Saucier on

Everyone knows you can use console.log() to log text and variables to the console. Did you know you could also render (limited) CSS, SVGs, and even HTML in it?!? I didn’t! It’s a neat technique that can delight the curious and further your brand for curious users.