Capo.js: A five minute web performance boost

By Dave Rupert on

You want a quick web performance win at work that’s sure to get you a promotion? Want it to only take five minutes? Then I got you. Capo.js is a tool to get your <head> in order. It’s based on some research by Harry Roberts that shows how something seemingly insignificant as the elements in […]

Real-World Usage of content-visibility

By Chris Coyier on

Jeremey Keith uses the little-used CSS property content-visibility to improve the performance on a fairly heavy page. It works a treat. I did a before-and-after check with pagespeed insights on the page for Out On The Ocean. The “style and layout” part of the main thread work went down considerably. Total blocking time went from more than 600 […]

Why do reflows negatively affect performance?

By Lydia Hallie on

Layout recalculations, or “reflows”, happen when we change a layout-related property, such as an element’s width, height, or margin. Reflows can happen accidentally or on purpose.   For instance, you might want to have a feature that switches from a grid view to a list view.  In that case, triggering a reflow is essential for […]

Million.js 3.0

By Chris Coyier on

Million.js caught my eye a few months back because of the big claim it makes: Make React 70% faster. I ended up listening to a podcast with the creator, and the meat of it is: it removes the need for “diffing” the virtual DOM that React uses when re-rendering to find what needs to change, which […]