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>> Go for the build, I think you guys have all the tools you really need now to build something, right? You know what's going on, if you screw up your own storage, I think you probably understand why you screwed up your storage. You can go out and try to use the Ethereum IDE, I forget what it's called, I don't know, it starts with an r.

But nonetheless if you use that you'll at least understand what's happening underneath the hood, it won't be as confusing. If something goes wrong you know why, but I gave you hopefully all the pieces you will need to be successful in building something. And I didn't wanna make it NFT specific, because smart contracts are much bigger than NFTs.

NFT is a single ERC, right? 721, there's also partially mutable or possibly non fungible tokens 11 something something for NFTs. But again, that's just reading up, learning what you need to do, but now you know how to approach it. When you do an NFT, you know how to do a special storage location so that you don't crush your own NFT data that is brought in by openZeppelin.

You know about the diamond pattern, you'll be able to upgrade you'll be able to replace, you'll be able to delete, you'll be able to make your contract live a long time. And really just avoid a whole class of headaches that you would normally have if you didn't take the time to learn these things.

And honestly, when you build your first NFT, it's likely gonna be pretty simple. And you won't need a lot of these things, and then you'll have a bug, you'll update it and you'll hate your life. Now, this won't happen, hopefully everyone's happy about this. So even if you have a single, very simple contract, throw behind a diamond, you'll never be sad, right?

You'll always have a way to update it. Be careful, external libraries that you use, they could screw up your storage. So, always make sure you just use a special storage location for all of your stuff. You'll just never have to worry about it, right? You'll never have to undo the things you did.

And of course, if you wanna be as fast as I am at making these things and just being able to easily understand it, it's just a time in the saddle problem, right? I think everyone here can easily do what I just did. It's just you got to do it like five times then it's simple.

It's just straightforward. Thank you Frontend masters, thank you, Mark, Aisha, Tanner, John, appreciate that. Awesome, you can see me on Twitch. So did I pass the VIM speed test that I set in the beginning and my fast at VIM? Did I move quickly enough, swift enough? All right, I still have that Twitch.

I still have a YouTube, that's about it. And I hope you enjoyed this first look into Web3 using Ethereum, I think it's pretty fun, I had fun, that's it, yes I gotta clap,

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