Complete Intro to Web Development, v3

Word Game Project Overview

Brian Holt

Brian Holt

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Complete Intro to Web Development, v3

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Brian briefly discusses the word game project and provides an example of how large the code should be. A list of step-by-step instructions is also provided if some direction is needed.


Transcript from the "Word Game Project Overview" Lesson

>> This is your project, this is the final project, we'll have a couple little more sections after this. This time we're actually gonna go through and we're gonna code it side by side afterwards. So, if you have trouble, we'll do it together. You're gonna have to do all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript yourself.

There are infinite correct ways to do this again, you don't have to do it my way, my way is just a way of doing it. This took me about 125 lines of JavaScript, about 50 lines of HTML and about 75 lines of CSS. Again, I'm just kind of trying to help you gauge if you're writing way too much code.

If you write 1,000 lines of code for this, you can probably do a little bit less. And for the record, this actually probably took me a couple hours, right? This took me more than an hour to do, personally. This is definitely the hardest one that we've done yet, I think this is harder than calculator.

Maybe as hard. Adding the AJAX into it, makes it a little bit more difficult. So I did give you some Getting Started steps, like, I'm going to ask you to try and start this yourself and see if you can do it. But if you need some steps of how I started writing it, I wrote down here.

Basically, step by step of, I did this then I did this then I did this then I did this, right? And then down here, I gave you all of my answers. So here's my HTML. If you just click on that, this will just open just word masters here, right?

And you don't have to match my design precisely either. I gave you a design for this, you're welcome to kinda be creative with this. I always think it's fun to be creative. And then here is my JavaScript, and here is my CSS. Okay, any questions about the project, how it works, any of these kind of things?

AJAX requests, obviously AJAX requests are gonna be very important Again, I'm gonna implore you to do the Validate word, this post part of it. Do that last, right? Just let people guess invalid words until you get to that point. That's that's how I did it, and then I went and added that very last.

Obviously, you have to do the GET, immediately, right? Cuz you need the correct word of the day. But yeah, I would just let people guess invalid words first.

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