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Ben discusses who this workshop is for, including people who are just curious about TypeScript with Vue and people who are ready to learn the fundamentals of TypeScript and Vue integration.


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>> We're gonna talk about the 50 reasons why you should be using TypeScript. Reason number one, I'm just kidding. So I know some of you when we're talking about TypeScript, a lot of you probably heard a lot of, well, talks about the many reasons why TypeScript should be used.

However, for me personally, I've always found TypeScript to be, well, a little bit, it always felt a little bit scary to get into because when people talked about it, they were talking about all in migrations, that kind of stuff. So when I designed this workshop, I really designed it for people who really have been curious to use TypeScript with Vue for a long time.

And especially with v2, it was kind of hard to do that because it felt like you're doing hacks a lot of the time. So then people were fighting with TypeScript and it ultimately wasn't a great experience. On the other hand, on the other spectrum when it comes to who this workshop is for, we have people who've been itching to use TypeScript, right?

And so they want to learn the fundamentals of how they work together. And everyone else in between this, this is who the workshop is designed for. It's to give you all really a flavor of what Vue with TypeScript is like. But the key thing to understand though, is that this is not a workshop that's designed to make you an expert in TypeScript.

There are plenty of other wonderful resources on the FrontEnd Masters workshop platform. So if you want to get like a really deep dive into TypeScript, be sure to check those out. But we'll really be focusing on integrations and getting people up to speed. So even if you don't know any TypeScript, that is totally fine, you'll be at home here.

Okay, so once again, just kind of reiterate, TypeScript has taken the front end ecosystem by storm. But again, from my perspective, a lot of times when we have these popular tools, people do that whole, like when you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. So everyone wants to put TypeScript with everything.

There are issues with that. And so I remember just listening to all these talks and thinking, well, something's kind of not right. Is it really as wonderful as it is given that people would talk about all these theoretical benefits they would get? And then at the end of the day, they were fighting all these, whether it's type inferences, all that fun stuff.

And so the whole premise of the workshop for me was what if we could just use TypeScript without going all in on it? How can we progressively move towards it, use what works well without feeling like it's like the gospel for all code bases. And so the key thing to remember as we go through the rest of this workshop is that your code is not inferior because you don't use TypeScript.

I feel like sometimes a lot of times it is spoken in that way. That if you're not using TypeScript, somehow you're like behind the curve. And at the end of the day we have to remember that TypeScript, like a lot of other tools in text, they come with trade offs.

And the key thing is whether or not it's solving problems for you and your team. If you and your team have perfect tests and everything's working and there's no reason to move to TypeScript, you shouldn't feel pressure to. So I think that's just a key thing to remember as we talk about this.

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