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ThePrimeagen wraps up the course by providing some closing thoughts on polyglot programming and briefly discussing other Frontend Masters courses.


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>> So there we go, we got it, everything is just working. We've done it, we've worked through three of the same programs in three different languages. I'm happy, we've done it. I hope everyone had a good time. I wasn't actually sure if this was gonna be a good course or not, right?

This is kind of a weird idea to write three different languages at the same time, will people hate it? Will people love it? In fact, at the time of writing this, I don't even know how the course went, right? So part of the slide is, I might have been sad at this point.

But I hope that everyone enjoyed this really put a lot of effort into this to make it so that you can kind of learn from a lot of the pitfalls that I had. That last little planning one with the error and everything crumbling as we've done it correctly all the time.

It was very tricky to make sure we could build something that's coherent in all three languages but still present real problems of not thinking about what happens. And there you go. So, if you guys have any final questions? This is it, this is your chance, this is your time.

I'm not as restatious as some guy named John Who on the Internet, but I still try, so. I don't have a PhD in crabs yet, so I'm not there, a doctorate crab MD. Well, I wanna thank everybody. Obviously this course wouldn't been as good without you guys. I feel the energy level is great, especially when you have people here.

I really appreciate that you all stayed here. Obviously, after day one, I expected there to be no audience but instead everyone's back except for the one guy that's claiming he's sick, right there, okay. He's at home. But no, I'm very, very happy, I'm glad you guys got here.

Thank you so much for everyone on asking those questions, there are some really good questions. I really appreciated everyone on Twitch, thank you so much for being here. I will be continuing to make absurd YouTube videos and streaming on Twitch per usual, so I'll see you there.

And of course, if you liked all this sweet terminal action that we had today, check out my Vim course or my developer productivity course. Developer productivity courses is, of course, this right here, how I'm switching, how do I get my laptop up and running in different environments? This is great.

So thank you very much, bye.

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