Sass Fundamentals

Challenge 3: Imports and Variables

Mike North

Mike North

Sass Fundamentals

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In this challenge, students import a partial with Sass and fix styles with Sass rules.


Transcript from the "Challenge 3: Imports and Variables" Lesson

>> Mike North: Let's look at our next exercise. So we're gonna extend upon these buttons that we've been building, but what I've given you in this next exercise, which is called variables. You're gonna do run-e variables. After you kill your existing server, you'll restart it with that command. You're gonna see that we have A variables SaaS partial that you will need to import and then use.

So this should be a pretty quick exercise, cuz we've been working with buttons for a while. And this is sort of building on, so you should have something that resembles your solution to the previous button exercise. And what we're gonna do is consume some variables after we input that underscore variable's partial.

And code passed the tests. So let's take another 12 minutes for this, and we will see you back here when we're done.

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