Rx.js Fundamentals

Creating Observables Exercise

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

Rx.js Fundamentals

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Students are instructed to unskip each test, collect the Observable values as their emitted, and only assert an expectation once the Observable has been completed.


Transcript from the "Creating Observables Exercise" Lesson

>> So as we break into the exercise, right? This is a good opportunity for you to answer this question for yourself. And we have a series of just kind of making observable some all sorts of different things. You got to see me do it the simple version now I give you the hard version cuz that's fair.

And you kind of go through some of the basic versions, and kinda, yeah, exactly. Answer that question for yourself, and find out how exactly we would go about testing a synchronous value versus a synchronous value, so on and so forth. Cool. So, if you, I'm gonna give you a little bit time to download NPM and install all that fun stuff.

There are instructions on the site as well. If you just wanna run the tests for creating observables which is where we're gonna be doing this next exercise, you just run NPM test creating only run those tests. You do need to un- skip them, and then we will kind of go through them each together.

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