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>> Nina Zakharenko: You should have had this URL by now, three, if you could all please open that up.
>> Nina Zakharenko: They should bring you to this repository right here. The solutions for the exercises or the exercise code is in this folder. But I'm gonna recommend that you don't look in there, unless you really, really need to, because I think that the best way to learn Python is to just type it along with me.

And you'll get a lot more value out of this class if you're typing with me versus copying and pasting things from the exercises. So it's there if you need it, but try not to peek. The most important link here is this first one. It's the course website. I recommend going to the GitHub page for the latest URL because it might be redeployed somewhere after class.

So if you all could just click through to that, you'll see the course web page. The nice thing about this course website, I've done Frontend Masters courses before and I made a lot of slides like hundreds of pages of slides and they were awesome but nobody got value from them afterwards.

So the goal of this site is to be a resource to you. There's probably a little bit more information in here than you really need, but you can always go back and look at it later, after the class. You can navigate with the left and right arrows, which I'll show you, and I'll tell you a little bit more about the website soon, but first a little bit more about me.

>> Nina Zakharenko: My name is Nina Zakharenko, I've worked at some companies you might have heard of, writing software. I've worked for Reddit, I've worked for Medap, I've worked for HBO. These days I work as a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, focusing on Python. If you want to stay in touch at the end of the class, I have a few links here for you.

I'm pretty active on Twitter, you can find me on LinkedIn, or you can follow me on GitHub where you saw the code. I also have a few other Front End Masters courses, Get In-Depth is my favorite one. And after the class if you'd like to you can watch some of my Python related conference talks.

There are links here at the bottom. Okay, navigating this course. You'll see, he bumped the size up a little bit. You'll see here as I've been navigating that these blue check marks have appeared. Those will tell you which pages you visited and which you have not. If you'd like to clear that, there is a button at the very bottom, Clear history.

To copy code, all you have to do is click on this little icon. This blue icon right here, let's just copy to clipboard. And it should copy that code for you. As we're going to go through some code in the REPL, you'll see some control characters. The nice thing about this copy and paste is it'll copy the code without the control characters so you can just paste it right in.

If you feel like maybe you're getting a little bit behind, that's a great way of copying things piecemeal. The whole course is searchable via the search bar on the top left here. So if I type pap8 you'll see all the sections that mention that. You can navigate via the left and right arrows where you can just head left and right on the keyboard.

There are also breadcrumbs between each titles, so here on the top bar. You'll see if i mouse over that table of contents, it will let me quick through to any section. Lastly, sometimes will be additional instructions where solutions exercises will be in a collapsed section. So to expand it so just look for an arrow that looks like this, and the course information is pretty heavy, links and additions formations I really recommend that you follow the links after the class.

As a source of additional information so that you don't get distracted from the important material.

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