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Ben Hong introduces the Production Vue course and explains most of the example are applicable to both Vue 2 and Vue 3. Anything specific to Vue 3 will be noted.


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>> Welcome everyone to Production-Grade Vue hosted by Frontend Masters. I'm really excited to be here with you all today fun fact about me is I really love going to amusement parks. If you can't find me, here's me on the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride at the Universal Orlando Studio.

So yeah, so I'm the the guy up here in the upper right, but in case you're wondering, don't worry, this photo was taken way back in 2017. So, still practising safe distancing and all but man definitely missed those adventure rides yeah cool. So, for those who don't know me, my name is Ben Hong you might know some of my work through the Vue JS Doc's.

I'm a member of the core team and do a lot of work through the docs teams. As well as helped to lead other projects like view press and just help out with around the community just as a whole. I'm also a senior developer experience engineer at metla phi and if you're looking for me on the internet of things.

You can find me under the moniker Ben code Zen basically everywhere so, yeah. So as far as a big question about this is, will the stuff I'd be talking will be applicable to V2 or V3. Basically across the board all the principles and ideas we're talking about applied to both V2 and 3.

If there's anything really specific that I'm doing that's going to be different in Vue 3 from Vue 2 such as tote examples. We'll be signifying with this little Vue themes one Piece logo so that's what that is. So yeah, fun trivia if you didn't know the release names of Vue are usually named after anime.

So Vue 3 is named after one piece that's the little origin story behind the logo right there. And finally, the important thing to understand here is that all code is compromised. So a lot of the ideas I'm going to be sharing today are things that I've encountered through different apps.

And ideas that I've discussed with the core team about but it is up to you please feel free to agree and or and or disagree with certain ideas. Because a lot of times when it comes to the ideas that we're gonna be discussing, it's about the context that are involved.

And what may work for a lot of teams may not be great at all for your team. So, your opinion and your experience matters and what What your team's preferences are the key thing is that you choose what's best for you and your team. And as long as you do that, we'll be good to go so just keep that in mind as we go through the material.

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