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Paul wraps up the course by answering a few questions about building multiple landing pages, strategies for finding clients, and concerns over ideas being copied when they are presented during user testing.


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>> So doing the testing gets me kind of nervous because then what if someone steals my idea?
>> I come across this all the time, people go in, but people say about sharing their idea, sharing their knowledge. People say it to me, Paul, you give away all the little secrets of how you do what you do on your website and in your podcast and in your teaching, aren't you worried that people are gonna steal your ideas?

No, I'm not that important. And even if they do, they're always only just gonna be copying me. They're always gonna be one step behind. And I think you need to have confidence in yourself that you know what you're doing, you've got good ideas, you're progressing things, you're always gonna be one step ahead of them, for all they know that test campaign you're running might fail horribly.

And they're gonna copy you and build an idea that's gonna fail. If they don't understand the processes going on behind the screen, it seems, they're not gonna succeed. That's the easy bit, the whole idea is the ideas are to a penny. I mean, you got, you showed me a list earlier of dozens of ideas.

We've all got ideas, so I wouldn't worry about that, don't let that hold you back personally.
>> I appreciate that, thanks Paul.
>> You had a question?
>> How do you do multiple landing pages?
>> So with the multiple landing pages, you can be as clever as you wanna be over this, right?

So, if you're a developer you will probably build one landing page and then you'll have variables that swap out different pieces of information for 10% of the audience will see this, 20% will see that and they'll do all kinda clever crap. Yeah, right. We're simple, [LAUGH] what we would do is literally just build separate pages with separate URLs.

And then when we do different marketing activities, sometimes we'll give out one URL and sometimes we'll give out another, simple as that right? There are also, it's worth saying that there are, if you don't wanna actually build this page from scratch cuz you don't know HTML and CSS or whatever, there are landing page builders.

Unbounce is one, isn't it, and there are others as well. But if you type in landing page builders, there's loads of them. And they'll even do things like you can, say, the more techie side of it like collecting email addresses or the pre orders and stuff like that.

A lot of them have got that functionality built in as well.
>> Hello, Paul, I'm thinking about starting a design and CRO agency, does all this still apply as well?
>> Kind of yes, but better than that, he says plainly advertising one of his other courses. I have a course on Frontend masters, be funnier if I was promoting a course elsewhere, but unfortunately it is on Frontend Masters, that is called Finding Clients, isn't it?

I think that's what it's called. Having a great idea is brilliant. Having an application you wanna build is brilliant. I love the fact that developers and designers love to create stuff and they love to play with different ideas and explore different ideas. And I hope that long may continue, but that is different from thinking you're gonna build something that is an app that is gonna earn you money over the long term, and I don't want you to put a lot time and effort and get demoralized building something that ultimately fails.

So to give it the best chance of success, do that work upfront. And if that idea doesn't work, the next one might, just like Mark was talking about with his experiences, he ran, he tried several different ideas before frontend masters work, and that may well be what it's like with you.

And just wanna save you as much time and money on that journey as possible. So if you've got any questions about it, and this is absolute genuine whether you're in the room today, whether you're watching live, or especially if you're watching the recording this. I'm happy to answer any questions, any time, help in any way I can, just drop me an email to

But to recap what we've covered, we've looked at do your market research before you start. Do your user research so you can find the right audience for you, plan your MVP and prototype your MVP, then test it with a test campaign. If you do those things, you'll be in a really good state and be in a really good place for moving forward.

Thanks very much.

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