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Nina wraps up the course by sharing some additional Python resources, more information about Python frameworks, and how to connect with the Python development community.


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>> And to wrap things up, you have finished the course. You now have a pretty complete foundation for what you need to continue on your Python journey no matter what your passion is. Next steps, if you want to stay in touch, if you enjoyed the course, I would love to hear from you.

I'm most active on Twitter, sometimes I blog, sometimes I stream on Twitch, but you can follow me on Twitter @nnja, or watch my other courses on Frontend Masters. And I have a bunch of links for you here for continuing your journey, the basics, some more links about web development and Django.

Some information about AI and machine learning and data processing. But most importantly, I think, is the Python community. There are lots of local user groups worldwide that are listed in the Wiki. There's a Python discord with a 100,000 developers on it. There are tons of supportive groups out there for women and non-binary developers, like I mentioned earlier, PyLadies and Django Girls, and the Python community would love to have you.

So congratulations for finishing practical Python. Feel free to give yourselves a round of applause. You all did a great job and I hope that you continue your Python journey. Are there any questions? I know. [LAUGH] someone in chat just went. [LAUGH] This course was head explode-y? Yeah, you all learned a lot.

You really, I think, have a lot of the foundational knowledge you need to write Python apps or most importantly, read them. You know about the tools and the skills that you need to work on Python projects successfully on a team. So you have it all and I hope to see you succeed.

I hope to read some of your Python programs one day.

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