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Ben Hong

Ben Hong

Nuxt 3 Fundamentals

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Ben Hong begins Nuxt 3 Fundamentals by outlining the course format and sharing some tips for creating the most effective learning experience. Students are encouraged to complete all the exercises in the course to reinforce the learning objectives through repetition and practice.


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>> Hello and welcome everyone to Nuxt 3 Fundamentals. Excited to have you here today as you spend all day talking about Nuxt things which to me as a Nuxt Ambassador I'm super excited about. So with that let's jump right in. So to get started a little fun fact about me is I love amusement park rides.

For those who have seen my past socks before you usually see the Jurassic Park 1 from Orlando studios. But this one here is from Splash Mountain and I believe this one's at Disneyland. And so if you're having trouble finding me granted, this one's easier than the Jurassic 1 I use Just to show.

I'm the one in the middle with both arms up. I think we're taking, I don't know, an easy 50, 60 foot dive. And Splash Mountain, it's an old ride, but you will get wet on that one unexpectedly. I was very surprised, it was surprisingly fun. So I'm currently a Senior Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify.

I'm on the Vue core team. The Nuxt ambassador. Vue Mastery instructor. And Google Developer expert. So as far as what you can expect as far as how this workshop is going to go, I'm a big fan of not lecturing at you for eight hours. Because that's a lot of talking on my end, and frankly, it can be pretty boring as an attendee.

We're here to learn how to code, right? So this is the format that I've come to use and love, and it's worked out pretty well for me. So what you can expect is that first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna learn about whatever the topic is, right?

So you've never heard about it, you get explanation examples and it will be demoed to you. After that you'll have a chance to ask questions, right? Clarify anything in case I went over something too quickly, we'll get a chance to do that. But then finally, the most important part to this step to be honest, is you get to a chance to apply those concepts that we just talked about.

And the other activity I'd say here in regards to exercises as well is that I really encourage you to experiment. A lot of coding and learning is about making it stick for yourself and personalizing it. So as much as you can be, actually what if I try this, what if I do this?

That'll give you a chance, especially because you all are here to ask questions then to be like, hey, I tried this thing, here's what happened. And it's really a great way to take advantage of the live workshop that we have now. Also, I know that sometimes when taking a class, it's easy to kinda take a backseat and just skip over the exercises.

But I can't stress enough don't underestimate the value of actually doing the exercises. Because while some of the exercises might seem easy or obvious to be honest, when we code, what do we do? We need to type, we need to actually get that muscle memory, right? So it's just like when you look at someone climbing a wall, it looks easy but developing the muscle memory to actually get on those rocks and pull yourself up, that takes repetition.

So since we wanna master this skill, get better at what we do. I strongly encourage you to actually do the practice as well. And then finally, whenever possible, please get creative. Again, so I put some like basic, like guidance as far as what the exercises can be. But just to re-emphasize the fact that the more you can think of like personalized ideas.

As you're going through you're like I would love to do this or I'm gonna make a fan website about the severance because I really love that TV show whatever. Whatever it gets, it's engaging and sticky for you, go for it, please feel free to color outside the box.

And then as a couple of reminders as far as things to sort of frame your mindset. Is that there are often more than one way to accomplish things and especially with Vue 3 having options API and composition API, there is gonna be a lot of different methods for doing things.

But what I'm gonna try to do in this workshop is provide you some conventions and standards that I'm seeing in the industry. But just know that there are usually multiple ways to solve a single problem, to fit depending on what like the special context that you're in. So just know that, and whatever I'm presenting today, it doesn't make any of the alternatives inferior.

And the last reminder is all code is compromised. So whenever I'm presenting something, I encourage you to agree or disagree, I encourage you to question it, because your experience and your opinion matters when it comes to how these techniques apply to the codebase you're working on. And so at the end of the day, I stress this basically with every single workshop and anything that I teach, it's really important for you to choose what's best for you and your team.

That's what matters at the end of the day, because you're the one shipping features to your customers, and that's what's ultimately gonna make the difference. Not because someone else said that, your code is impure if it's not done a certain way, ignore all that.

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