Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Challenge 6: Building AMP Pages

Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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In this challenge, students create an application that delivers AMP for mobile devices.


Transcript from the "Challenge 6: Building AMP Pages" Lesson

>> We're gonna build our first AMP, project, this is a new exercise in your exercises folder It's called AMP. There's an AMP validator that I can show you, it'll ask you to paste in chunk of HTML. So you're gonna go like view source I'll just show it to you.

So you paste your HTML in here, thank you. And it'll let you know any rules that you break, you also get a lot of good feedback in your developer console, this is part of what the AMP runtime does. It'll yell at you if you use any tags it didn't like, so builds the AMP, app out.

I think the starting point involves the same list of courses, let me just double check. It does but you'll see that I've already included like some of this AMP project stuff. So there's a stuff. Here's amp-boilerplate CSS up there, so you don't have to go and fetch that.

But just see what you can do try to make this reasonable, make something that you can deploy to Heroku and then also passes the AMP validator.

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