Intermediate React, v5

Wrapping Up

Brian Holt

Brian Holt

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Intermediate React, v5

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Brian wraps up the course by suggesting some additional work that can be done on the AdoptMe application and sharing course recommendations for learning more about React.


Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> That is it, that is all of the intermediate React v5. Hopefully this felt like you expanded your React toolbox a bit more into the ecosystem, so you kind of understand all the tools going around React. I feel like we've done a pretty good job here covering most things that you're gonna find applicable to writing React.

Whether that's, how do I work with TypeScript? Or how does testing work with React, whether that's Mocha, or AVA, or Vtest, or something like that. If you like the course, please tweet at me, I'm always happy to hear stuff about that, please star the repo, that's always awesome.

Just to give you some next step projects, try to get 100% coverage on all the tests, I try and write good tests, that would be another good thing to do here. Go back and finish the migration from CSS to totally on Tailwind.css, which should be great. Try combining some of the sections, like try TypeScript plus testing, or try testing plus Node JS, anything like that.

Or you can try putting them all together, that would be cool as well. And then, as always, I like seeing your final deployed project. So try throwing it up on Vercel and see what happens. And then the other one I was gonna say is try putting this project together with something like NextJS or Remix, or one of those full stack React application kind of things.

There's a Remix course on here from Kent. There's a Remix course on Frontend Masters, yeah, Remix course from Frontend Masters, there's a Next course from Scott and Moss, all sorts of really cool stuff. Okay, before we wrap up, does anyone have any questions? Yeah, Mark.
>> Have you used Storybook or components?

Would you recommend it?
>> Yeah, so there's a project called Storybook. And what Storybook is basically like, you can make individual components. And then you can make this living documentation around your components of, here is my double dropdown component. Here's all of the props that it takes, here's all the permutations of this thing.

So it's kind of like a gallery of all your components, super useful. If you have a design system, it's basically required that you use Storybook with it. There's actually a whole company now that is behind Storybook, which I didn't know until recently. So I've only ever consumed Storybook, I've actually never set up Storybook for myself.

Stripe uses Storybook, or at least did. I don't remember if we do anymore, cuz we have our own design system. So there's a design systems team that makes all these components. And then there's a storybook for us to be able to go peruse how to use all of them.

So it's basically generated documentation from components. So I've consumed it, I liked it. If you have those sorts of problems, I would suggest it, yeah.
>> And also mentioned we do have a Storybook course by.
>> There you go, check that out, that must be great.
>> And then shout out to the React Learning Path.

>> Shout out to the React Learning Path, there's lots of high quality stuff on there. I'm on there twice, so it has to be good, I'm just kidding. Learning Paths, it's down here, React. So, these ones will be on here, you got the one from State Management from Steve Kinney.

>> It'll be actually replaced with React Performance.
>> Cool.
>> Which covers, of course.
>> Further in-depth performance stuff than I covered, yeah. Awesome, and then there's more. Yeah, Gatsby, if that's your speed. Working with Scott, he's great. I used to work with David at Microsoft. These are all people that I like.

So yeah, definitely go check that out. There's gonna be lots of cool stuff for you to check out. My favorite part about the learning paths in Frontend Masters is they're constantly being updated, right? So, even if you've looked at it before, be sure to go check it out again.

All right, hope you enjoyed the course. Thanks for sticking with me, and I will catch you back here probably for version 9 [LAUGH] someday.

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