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>> So there we go that's really all, I want to talk to you about today. This was the developer productivity course. I feel like this, covered a lot of topics we covered and good amount we covered getting your computer up and running dot files. Working with the terminal hopefully liked that terminal thing I really do.

I mean to me that was just been something that saved a ton of time for me. And then ultimately knowing these core utils being able to take advantage more of what's already freely available to you, too. Lastly a little quick pitstop into the future. Unfortunately today, the future maybe your future here at front end masters isn't as good as it is where I'm living.

So maybe copilot wasn't able to work as well. So who knows what's happening. But I don't know if it has positional GPS into its code generation, but either way it was pretty it's pretty great, right? I think that it's gonna be I think the next few years, it's gonna be very interesting to see where these things go.

And so definitely if you have a chance, try it out, try to write something. I tried to write like a bigger server in it and it got really complex really quick and it actually made the project a lot harder to track, but I just think that's because it's so new.

Thank you everyone for sticking around. Really honestly, thank you for sticking around I really appreciate that. The hours and the effort people put into making these workshops is always really nice when people stick around, chat and chat, all that kind of stuff. So I just like to let you know thank you very much it means a lot to me it means a lot to probably a lot of other people.

And if I can fearlessly she'll one last time. Don't forget I also have a VIM workshop, VIM workshops are great I love them. Anyways, there we go, I got I always do that. And then I show VS code at the end, my goodness, here there we go, all right.

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