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In this exercise, the audience is asked to brainstorm a complete data visualization idea, including a main message, marks, and channels.

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Transcript from the "Design Exercise" Lesson

>> Shirley Wu: So I have an exercise. And this is again, where we use our papers and our markers. And I want us to sketch all the things. In particular, choose your main message or messages, from kind of either what we were talking before like from our own explorations. I go back through our observable notebooks together, I'm sorry, our observable notebook from earlier and kind of the exploration we did.

[00:00:29] I think I want to give you enough time to do like maybe you can try out a few more charts yourself to do the exploration, but I would love it if you can choose a main message and if not from today's like if you want to choose anything from the explanation I've done, that's perfectly fine too.

[00:00:50] But find a main message and then think about for those main messages what marks will you use? And for for those marks, do they represent individual data points or are they aggregates of those data points? And what channels will your marks use? Like how do they support your message?

[00:01:10] So, I want us to keep that in mind as we're trying to design. The design something and sketch. So I want to give us at least 30 minutes because I think this is a big one. So at least 30 minutes and, again, the sketches don't have be fancy, have fun with it.

[00:01:38] I think If we can just concentrate on-
>> Shirley Wu: Don't worry about good or bad when you're sketching it. Just put all of the ideas out there and then maybe we can choose a few to talk about why some of them might be effective and why some of them might not be.