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Students are instructed to make a skip link so the users can skip to the main content.


Transcript from the "Skip Link Exercise" Lesson

>> So on to the next exercise. So this one we're gonna be making a skip link. So basically what we're doing here is we want to make it so that as a user starts tabbing they don't have to like right now. If I to start tabbing I got the answers branch out.

If I start tabbing, I'll have to go through this entire navigation before I can get to the main content down here. And so we wanna do is we wanna add something like I have done here. Where when you hit tab the first time a button appears and lets you skip to main content.

So if I hit Enter on that it immediately focuses me down here. And let's not worry too much about the visual styling or anything like that. But we'll take 10 minutes and we'll work on it. I do have at a high level, I have the idea for a skip link.

Let me find my notes here, done out here. And so basically just following this, but in some HTML, so making the anchor and doing things like that. And then we'll come back and I'll do it all together for us.

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