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Additional Resources

Jon Kuperman

Jon Kuperman

Website Accessibility, v2

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Jon provides a list of resources for continued learning about accessibility including company websites and links to check out the accessibility community.


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>> And then, yeah, the last thing I just kinda wanted to cover is where to go from here. Just I've compiled a list of resources that I really like.
>> The first two are just the things that we linked to, so WCAG and WebAIM. Some companies just do these awesome things.

Microsoft has this inclusive design page that I just absolutely love. So it talks about like their whole methodology and all their principles, how they think about building accessible experiences. They have their own list of resources, what they do at their company, what they do with AI, what they do with design, it's so well done.

And at the bottom somewhere they have personas which I quite like. I'll have to find it, it's buried in here somewhere. But anyway, this homepage design/inclusive is so well written. I've always just considered it a leader in the space where they just talk about all their principles and things like that.

Another one that's really cool is, where is it? It's in 21 days and we're coming up on this thing. So there's Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which is really cool. So it's like a kinda conference thing, it's completely free. We see a lot of familiar names, like WebAIM is in there presenting.

It's so awesome. So I think one of my favorite things too, I should have put it on the list at the beginning, is that the accessibility community is the best community. People are just so nice, everyone's kinda learning together. One thing I like about it is it's so diverse where there's a lot of product folks, a lot of designers, a lot of developers, a lot of testers.

It's a lot of CSS folks, a lot of JavaScript folks, everybody's kind of working together on this stuff so it's really cool. So yeah, definitely recommend checking out this Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Also got some cool courses that teach things. There's a Frontend Master's course by Marcy Sutton on accessibility in JavaScript applications.

So she dives into a lot more within Javascript app stuff which is great. She's been a leader in the community for a long time. And then there's some other links for just some tips and tricks and how to get started with building accessible web applications and stuff like that, so just some resources to have.

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