Website Accessibility, v2

Accessibility Problems Exercise

Jon Kuperman

Jon Kuperman

Website Accessibility, v2

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Students are instructed to find and fix the provided code's accessibility problems.


Transcript from the "Accessibility Problems Exercise" Lesson

>> So for our next exercise, this will be the first one messing with the code a little bit. Again, it's totally optional, I have a link here to the repo. We've got this file exercises2.html. And then we've got just a bunch of mark up that's got some issues with it that we recently covered.

And so, if we could do just a little break to kinda work through some of these things and then I'll come back and work through them as a group. It also might be cool if you did set up a screen reader from exercise 1 to use the screen reader on the content as it is right now and see how difficult it is to use.

And then as you fix it, know that you're fixing it well, by using a screen reader. That's what we'll do together when we come back from them.

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