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Students are instructed to find and fix the provided code's accessibility problems.

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Transcript from the "Accessibility Problems Exercise" Lesson

>> So for our next exercise, this will be the first one messing with the code a little bit. Again, it's totally optional, I have a link here to the repo. We've got this file exercises2.html. And then we've got just a bunch of mark up that's got some issues with it that we recently covered.

[00:00:19] And so, if we could do just a little break to kinda work through some of these things and then I'll come back and work through them as a group. It also might be cool if you did set up a screen reader from exercise 1 to use the screen reader on the content as it is right now and see how difficult it is to use.

[00:00:33] And then as you fix it, know that you're fixing it well, by using a screen reader. That's what we'll do together when we come back from them.