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Jen congratulates students for making progress on the project.

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Transcript from the "Solution Wrap-Up" Lesson

>> Jen Kramer: That was a lot of stuff. There was a huge amount of information to absorb today. So if you just managed to code the nav bars, you got those working. Maybe you just managed to kind of get the text next to the images. You're doing just fine. This was a whole lot of material to absorb in three hours.

Like I said I threw about five or six weeks worth of material at you in a normal class and then gave you this assignment that had everything that you just known for all of two hours. Here put all to work on a web page. So you are doing just fine, no matter where you are in the process of putting this together.

This is your first real world project. This is a very standard thing. You have a graphic designer that will lay out a page that will look like this. And then you're gonna have to be able to look at it and decide what technologies do I use where to repeat what the designer has done.

I wasn't super picky about the spacing and so forth here. Trust me in real life, your graphic designer is gonna be so picky. [LAUGH] That is two pixels too small, that is two pixels too far to the left. So as you get better at this, you'll get really good at putting things exactly where you wanna go.

For this assignment I'm really not too concerned if you didn't get exactly the right shades of colors. I'm not concerned if you didn't get exactly the right spacing or padding or margin or anything else. If you got it mostly looking like this you've done absolutely fabulous work, considering you've been coding now for three whole days.

That's pretty good for three whole days of coding. Right? Any other questions for today?
>> Speaker 2: How do you choose between flexbox and the other
>> Jen Kramer: And the inline block?
>> Speaker 2: Yeah.
>> Jen Kramer: Yeah.
>> Jen Kramer: Great question, so how do we choose between flexbox and inline block. I think what we're gonna find increasingly is that we're gonna be using flexbox more and more for these things.

Inline block is still a technique that's out there and definitely is still in use. So reasonable thing for you to know aboout. So, they basically do the same thing? In the terms of the nav bar, they basically do the same thing. You're probably not gonna use Inline block for laying out a whole web page whereas you definitely would use flexbox for laying out a whole web page.