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Jen introduces an exercise to add floats to a book page.

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Transcript from the "Floats Exercise" Lesson

>> Jen: Go to finish your book chapter, think about including some images, float those images in place, don't forget a clear. Think about quotes, you could actually do some floats with a quote as well, okay? You may need to put a width on your quote. So, take your block quote, put a width on it, try floating it in space, see if you can do something cool by floating an actual, your block quote.

You can try by practicing that here with this Nicholas Cage example. So, you can take this whole aside, try sitting a width on the aside, float that in space, style it in some kinda cool way as part of the article, okay. So, as you work on your book chapters post them up on code pen, remember, if you want to keep your book chapter from last night the way it was, fork your current book chapter, make a new copy of it.

And then, you can continue putting in your formatting. Your new images, maybe doing something cool with block quotes and floating things. Think about padding in margin. Some of those gaps and spacing that you wanted to put in your web page. You can try all that stuff with your book chapter, okay.

and when we come back at 1:20 PM, put those URLs in slack and we can take a look at a few of those before we go onto Flex Box, sound good? Okay, see you all then.