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Students are instructed to add 5-6 CSS styles of their choosing to their page as a CSS exercise.

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Transcript from the "CSS Properties Exercise" Lesson

>> Jen Kramer: Okay, so what I would like for you to do now, is I would like you to take like 15 minutes, and what I would like for you to do, I would like for you to look at
>> Jen Kramer: the web page here. At the common CSS properties and values, I'd like you to go on ahead and just sort of glance through this.

>> Jen Kramer: See if there's something in here that you'd like to try out, changing colors of text, for example, changing, turning on and off underlines. Just take a look at some of these basic sort of CSS styling here. And I'd like you to go on ahead and just continue styling your document.

Go on ahead and aim to write about at least five or six styles. Okay? And those can be those HTML elements. They can be classes that are exceptions to the rule. Go ahead and write a few of those and get familiar with that. Apply them in your HTML.

Take about 15 minutes to go on ahead and do that and make this page look prettier in some way, alright?