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Jen addresses several common issues that may come up during the process from the previous lessons.

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Transcript from the "Troubleshooting" Lesson

>> Jen Kramer: Great, so we had a lot of problems here in class, and we had a lot of other issues online. And so I wanna be sure to point you to step 9, Waaa, it didn't work, okay? These are some fairly typical problems you might find in this issue.

As you're working with GitHub, make sure that your folders and files are all in the right place in the same order, the same structure that you had been working with them previously. Once you have published them to the website, you should be able to look in your browser window, and you should be able to see your webpage, and all the images, all the CSS should show up there.

If it didn't work, typical things that go wrong are, you changed your file and folder structure. In other words you copied over the HTML, you forgot the CSS, if you copy the HTML and you forget the CSS, then lo and behold you won't get your styling. Okay, so you'll have an unformatted HTML page that looks ugly, for example.

Make sure that all of your images and CSS uploaded. That would be something that's pretty typical. Maybe it didn't actually all upload. Maybe you didn't have a file called index.html. You had a file called something else, in which case, you're gonna have to look at that page instead of index.html.

Make sure you click both the Commit button and the Publish button, otherwise it doesnt work either, okay? So those are some of the typical things that happen along the way that are pretty typical file management kind of things that blow up.